Shavuot Activities for Kids

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Feb. 02, 2017

Source: My Jewish Learning.


The holiday of Shavuot tends to lack many of the kid-friendly themes that are part of the richness of other holidays. Here are a number of ways that we can connect our children and students to this special holiday.

  • Camp Out or Camp-In: Leil Shavuot - Re-enact the Israelites camping at the foot of Sinai with your own campout, weather permitting.
  • Bikkurim: Grain & Fruit - Shavuot marks the end of the grain season and the beginning of the fruit season. It follows seven weeks of harvesting barley (or, in modern times, counting the omer). The following five activities are connected to grain and fruit.
  • What Does Quiet Sound Like?
  • Ruth and Deeds of Kindness
  • Happy Birthday, King David!

Get the details of all these great Shavuot activities for kids here.

Updated: Nov. 27, 2017
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