Project Zug is Back! Get Ready to Learn – Anytime, Anywhere!

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Jan. 01, 2019

Source: Mechon Hadar


Project Zug is Mechon Hadar’s online learning platform. Participants choose a course that interests them, and receive the materials online, to learn on their own schedule. Zug means “pair” in Hebrew, because Jewish learning is traditionally done in a havruta – a two-person partnership. All Project Zug participants have a partner, either in person or online, with whom to navigate the course: to question, to debate, and to build a relationship. Don’t have anyone to be your havruta? Just tell Project Zug a little bit about yourself, and we’ll find you your perfect learning match! You could connect with someone on the other side of the world, or just down the street!

Plus, some communities do Project Zug together! Your local Jewish organization can use Project Zug to bring its members closer. You can learn as a group, like the Center for Smalltown Jewish Life recently organizing over 30 people in Maine, or Congregation Beth El in New Jersey, that has been doing Project Zug as a congregation for four years now!

What are the courses you can take? There are over thirty to choose from, on everything from Psalms, to Kashrut, to Jewish parenting, to Bob Dylan, to the death penalty, to tzedakah… you get the idea. There’s something for the professional Talmud scholar and first-time learner; your background makes no difference.

If you sign up for Project Zug today, you will start learning when our next cycle kicks off on March 10.

Register for Project Zug here.

Updated: Mar. 20, 2019
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