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Jan. 06, 2019

Source:  The Lookstein Center


The Lookstein Center has compiled a comprehensive list of resources for the upcoming holiday of Chanukah, including complete lesson plans, interactive presentations, printable activities, videos and online tools, classroom crafts and more!

Among the resources:

Online Chanukah Activities

  • Chanukah Mystery – an interactive slideshow by The Lookstein Center which explores the laws of chanukiot for grades 3-5
  • My Menorah Online Candle Lighting Game – an interactive game by Jewish Interactive which teaches young students the order and process of candle lighting
  • Online Dreidel Competition – an interactive dreidel playing game, for individuals or multiple players, by ABCYA
  • Chanukah Activities – a collection of videos, coloring pages, lessons and more from the Israel Forever Foundation.

Lesson Plans: Chanukah And Soviet Jewry

Chanukah Videos and Songs

Chanukah Lesson Slideshows

Chanukah Articles

Classroom Chanukah Plays

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Updated: Apr. 20, 2021
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