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Jan. 03, 2009

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The TAMID Israel Investment Group is a comprehensive, three phased program that connects American business-minded students with the Israeli economic landscape. The initiative aligns the next generation of philanthropists, leaders and investors in Israel through education, hands-on investment experience, and meaningful professional opportunities.


TAMID will serve as the vehicle for aligning the personal and professional aspirations of these business-minded students with the collective interests of Israel and the Jewish people.


This program is currently being piloted at the University of Michigan and will expand to college campuses nationwide in the near future.


TAMID's Three Phased Program
  1. Educational Seminars
    Students spend their first semester gaining a broad exposure to core business concepts and topics through:
    • Weekly seminars learning from American/Israeli executives and business school
    • Weekly "Huddle" workshops building a practical skill-set across arious  business disciplines
  2. Business Application
    Students apply knowledge from Educational Seminars to hands-on experience with Israeli Businesses:
    • The TAMID Fund - Management of a small portfolio of Israeli securities
    • The TAMID Consulting Group - Business development projects for Israeli start-up companies

  3. Fellowship Program
    Students are immersed in the Israeli economy and culture through a funded summer internship and leadership experience in Israel:
    • Program funded by individual sponsorships from donors
    • $5,000 travel and living stipend for three month experience
    • Provides substantial and prestigious experience for future professional and personal
    • Solidifies the student's connection to Israel and Israel's connection to the student

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