A Menu of Orientations to the Teaching of Rabbinic Literature

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Formal Education
Jan. 05, 2010
January 2010
Following the work of Grossman (1991) in the teaching of English literature and Holtz (2003) in the teaching of Bible, this article develops a menu of orientations for the teaching of rabbinic literature.
First, the author explores and clarifies the idea of orientations. Then, each of ten orientations to the teaching of rabbinic literature is described and discussed:
the Torah Orientation;
the Contextual Orientation;
the Jurisprudential Orientation;
the Halakhic Orientation;
the Literary Orientation;
the Cultural Studies Orientation;
the Historical Orientation;
the Bekiut Orientation;
the Interpretive Orientation;
and the Skills Orientation.
Finally, the conclusion identifies some purposes for developing this menu.  

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