Ivriyon - Hebrew Immersion Program for Day School Teachers

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In-Service Training
Jun. 27, 2011
June 27–July 22, 2011
Source: Ivriyon - Hebrew Immersion Program for Day School Teachers
The William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education and the Department of Hebrew Language at JTS are offering a unique opportunity in the summer of 2011 for 15 qualified day school teachers to enter a four week Hebrew immersion program geared for teaching Judaic studies (Limudei Kodesh) in grades K-12 – the Ivriyon.
By participating in Ivriyon, you will learn to:
  • Create a Hebrew environment in your classroom
  • Lead discussions in Hebrew with your students
  • Write grammatically correct exercises and instructions
  • Help students articulate ideas and feelings in Hebrew
  • Converse comfortably with your Israeli colleagues
The instructors, Sarah Pelee and Allon Pratt, are native Hebrew speakers who are veteran members of JTS's Department of Hebrew Language.

The program tuition is wholly subsidized, and out–of–towners receive free accommodations in an air-conditioned JTS dormitory. Breakfast and lunch are also free to all participants. Each participant's school is responsible for travel expenses, and the school gives a participation award of $500 upon successful completion of the program.

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