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The COVID-19 pandemic created a unique set of challenges for Jews, Jewish families, and Jewish communal organizations. With in-person gathering on pause, Jewish organizations had to get creative to provide opportunities for engagement in High Holiday services and other programming in 2020. At the same time, Jews were presented with a range of new ways to participate, both traditional and novel. This raised a number of important questions about Jewish life during social distancing that are still relevant today as we move beyond the pandemic.
Published: 2021
Updated: Aug. 09, 2021
In 2011 we started following a cohort of 1,000 Jewish 11-year-olds as they entered Jewish and non-Jewish secondary schools in Britain. We were interested in finding out about their Jewish behaviors, attitudes and identity, milestones, and significant events. What follows in this article is an analysis of six family stories, which show how we have been charting change over time in three ways—through themes that develop within a single family over time, themes that develop across the sample of six families over time, and themes that resonate with all six families at one moment in time.
Published: 2021
Updated: Aug. 01, 2021
In this paper, we present data from the most recent wave of theLongitudinal Study of Young Jews Raised in Conservative Synagogues. Participants were part of the b'nai mitzvah class of 1994–1995 (or, the year 5755 in the Hebrew calendar) and members of Conservative synagogues in the US and Canada. Approximately 400 panel members took part in this follow-up. We explore the degree to which adolescents’ educational experiences carry weight into adulthood, specifically as parents making educational choices for their own children, with particular interest in the role of gender.
Published: 2021
Updated: Jul. 29, 2021
The breathtaking pace of change brought on by the pandemic has generated extraordinary excitement and possibilities as well as a fair amount of anxiety—is the change too fast, without considering the positives of what was before? This issue of the journal looks at what we have learned from the crisis as we look forward.
Published: 2021
Updated: Jul. 15, 2021