Jan. 20, 2021
Dear subscriber, 

We are delighted to be sending you another issue of The Jewish Portal of Teacher Education resource list.

The current issue contains information items about what Jewish education has been learning from dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic and the way it may change Jewish education in the future. In addition, we include professional development opportunities, learning resources for celebrating Tu B’shvat and much more selected from journals and other Jewish education publications.

We are pleased to feature an original article by Beth Steinberg about Structured Flexibility in Jewish Education adapting inclusive learning methods to improve Jewish education in general.

MOFET International invites Hebrew teachers across the globe to an online 4 meeting seminar about teaching Hebrew as an additional language in an online platform, to be held during February 2021. The seminar will include lectures, hands – on experience and presentation of projects. Click here for more information (in Ivrit).

We wish you a happy Tu B’shvat as we begin to see the light at the end of the COVID 19 tunnel,

Reuven Werber

The MOFET Portal Team

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