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In the beginning — November 2014 — Benny Lau, a Modern Orthodox rabbi in Jerusalem, taught the first chapter of Genesis. More than three years and 929 chapters later, he’s starting it all again on Sunday. But this time in English as well. “I want to give the Bible back to the people,” Lau told The Times of Israel recently. “For too long it has been held captive by the yeshivas and universities. It was lost from the rest of the nation and I want to return it to them.”
ARTS EDJE Institute reflects innovations in an emerging trend of commitment to the ARTS in Jewish Education at SAR Academy. The theme for our seminal conference is: Nurturing Excellence: The role ARTS Education has on developing high quality student work and how to nurture that engagement and commitment to excellence. At ARTS EDJE Institute, on November 13, 2018, we will offer diverse approaches to engage with the ARTS through distinct ARTS disciplines, ARTS classes and experiences for your personal inspiration, thought-provoking keynotes, guided time to concretize your work in the ARTS back home, and opportunities to informally network with colleagues across the nation.
Ten units of study in a pilot program that will include 100 junior high schools will introduce the Jewish people in the Diaspora to Israeli students. The program was recently revealed, and Ynet has learned that it will begin in the coming school year. Israel’s Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett: "Deepening the connection with Diaspora Jewry is the task of this generation."