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In celebration of Israel's 70th year of independence, Hebrew College's Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education will be holding a conference October 28-31. 2018 focusing on the multiple dimensions of Israel, including its diverse people, spirit of innovation, Hebrew language, Israeli literature, culture, nature and much more. The conference is designed to expand educators' and professionals' expand their knowledge about Israel and help them develop skills to share their learning with students and families. Each day of the conference will be dedicated to different topics and audiences.
This moment of change confronts us with a wide array of ethical questions: What does victim-centered justice look like? When is it appropriate to name names? How do those who have done wrong make restitution? How do institutions that have protected perpetrators make amends? Here, we curate ethical deliberations on these questions that have been written by victims, scholars, leaders, rabbis, journalists and community members. We call them “Crowdsourced Responsa,” a new form of Jewish ethical wisdom.
The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies announces the launch of its Tefilah database for Jewish educators worldwide. The online database is a free resource under the umbrella of the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators. Through the Pardes Tefilah Education Initiative, day schools and other Jewish educational institutions will receive support and direction in the area of Tefilah (prayer).