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The MOFET Institute is honored to invite you to take part in this most important and relevant International Study-Day on Building Education and Teacher Education Systems in Times of Crises and Changes. The event will take place on Tuesday June 30 between 4:00 PM – 9:30 PM Israel time and will be conducted in English. Participation in the event is entirely free of charge but requires registration in advance.
Although summer camps are cancelled, ScaVentures Quarantine Quests will connect campers with each other providing content that is fun and meaningful. With 10 years of experience in educational tourism and more than 30 000 happy clients, we moved our games online to allow families and groups of all kinds to feel connected and have fun together, despite the quarantine. As quarantines open up our online games will continue, but not be restricted to the home enviroment.
After nearly two months of intense social distancing, we are all finding ourselves longing for things to return to normal — and recognizing that it might be a long while before that happens. But is a return to business as usual really what we should aim for? The extended disruption gives us a chance to take stock of how we’ve operated up to now, consider alternatives and even build a better vision for the future. We’re already seeing that happen across the Jewish world. Jews of all denominations have tapped digital tools to deliver the Torah and connection that had been largely analog. The heartbeats of Jewish life — weddings, funerals, bar and bat mitzvahs, studying Torah, cooking together, telling jokes and daily minyanim — have been reimagined to match the circumstances. And communities are stepping up to support their neediest members in new ways. But those have mostly been quick fixes, responsive and scattershot rather than carefully considered and coordinated. What if we had a shared vision for the Jewish future, so we could do more than just fumble our way there?