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When we last left our intrepid Mishna explorers, they were enthusiastically trying to learn their way back to their time and place by earning coins (matbeā€™ot Mishna), and points, picking up valuable objects and defeating scriptural villains, aided by spiritual guides whose assistance they earned by performing optional quests. Enthusiastically is the key. This teaching format galvanized the students, not only to do what was assigned in Mishna, but the enthusiasm overflowed into other classes and was a major cause of their buying into the entire system - of Judaic and even General Studies.
To help more Jewish day schools infuse Israel into all aspects of school life and learning, The iCenter is welcoming eight new day schools across North America into the third cohort of its initiative, iNfuse: Israel in Jewish Day Schools. Each school will create a plan to make Israel education and experiences a deeper part of all aspects of school life, including classes such as science, the arts, Jewish studies, Hebrew language, all-school Israel engagement, and Israel travel.
This study examined Communities of Practice (CoPs) composed of senior teacher educators. Our goals were: (1) to identify factors that contribute to or hinder the success of CoPs, (2) to consider the characteristics that help CoP coordinators be effective leaders. The research used qualitative data-collection and analysis. It targeted inter-organizational CoPs supported by the MOFET Institute in Israel, interviewing 23 participants and 12 coordinators of 13 different CoPs.