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Did you know? Shofar manufacturers are reporting increased demand for their product as a result of the pandemic. The increased demand is due to the fact that this year, in light of COVID-19, there will be many small minyans and people blowing shofar at home. More people will be blowing, but most of us don’t have experience as baalei tekiah. What are we going to do?
We are getting a lot of questions about how our fields within Jewish education are doing at this unique moment. As the pandemic has continued – and the depth of its impact on life becomes more acutely felt – we continue to try and make sense of the effect this has on Jewish education and how our fields continue to adapt. We try to reflect, often in real time, on what we are experiencing, how we can support educators and families, and what the future may look like. We share insight below from each of our fields – Early Childhood Education, Part-Time Jewish Education, Day Schools, Jewish Camp, Teen Engagement and Education, and College Engagement and Education.
Back to school is in the air, and Sefaria is ready with new resources for you and your learners to transition to a new school year. Students and educators alike shared stories of amazing growth and experimentation as they used Sefaria to adapt and innovate—despite the challenging end to this past school year. Whether you will be teaching online or in person, Sefaria's Learning Team is eager to help you