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February in Washington, DC usually means shorter days, colder temperatures, and snow. For the past few years though it has meant something entirely different throughout the Jewish World. February is Jewish Disability Awareness Month, a time when Jewish organizations, schools, synagogues and the like spend time learning about how to create a more inclusive environment. To help bridge the gap between our global Jewish community and people with disabilities in Israel we have published blogs about an array of organizations we have partnered with that strive to ensure a more fulfilling life for all.
In 1981, Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l extensively outlined the extent of the obligation to educate a child with special needs. Rav Moshe explained that those with diminished mental capacities, who may not fully comprehend all things but nonetheless have some intelligence, are required to observe at least certain mitzvot as adults. Accordingly, Rav Moshe held that we are obligated in the mitzvah of Chinuch, educating them when they are children.
Armed only with Smart Notebook and Google Drawings, I undertook to create a universe. Now I know how Harold felt with his purple crayon. Here is the second installment of “Gamifying Mishna in Fifth Grade”.