The Jewish Portal of Teacher Education is a free and one of a kind academic online collection. The Portal contains thousands of abstracts and reviews of the latest research and non-research papers, conferences and other resources on Jewish formal and informal education.

For the benefit of our Spanish speaking readers, the section - Educación judia - will include items about teacher training and Jewish education at The MOFET Institute and around the world - all in Spanish.

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Editorial Policy

Authors in the field of Jewish teacher education, who wish to submit an article to the portal for review, are requested to send us, by e-mail, the full text of the article, on condition that the paper has been published in an academic journal within the last two years. Reviews of the articles will be published at the discretion of the editors.

The MOFET Institute respects the authors' and researchers' copyrights and provides links to complete papers only if the latter have been published on the web or if explicit permission to publish them has been granted.

For full-text papers, readers are requested to avail themselves of academic libraries and online databases.

MOFET Institute

The MOFET Institute (NPO), a center for research, curriculum and program development, was established in 1983 to assist in the professional development of teacher educators and leading position holders in the education system.

MOFET's International Channel was established in order to contribute to the global community of educators in general and teacher educators in particular. Its activity is based on the principle of sharing knowledge in the fields of teacher education and education in general with educational communities worldwide.

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