Terms of Use

Welcome to The Jewish Portal of Teacher Education site (hereafter: the site), of The MOFET Institute – A School of Research, Curriculum, and Program Development for Teacher Educators (hereafter: MOFET).

Please note! Use of the site is subject to the Terms of Use, and is considered agreement to the Terms of Use.

1. Right to Use

Use of the site is limited to personal and academic purposes, and is prohibited for any commercial purpose, such as creation of academic data banks, electronic, printed or otherwise, commercial information services, etc. In addition, users of the site are not permitted to distribute the information appearing on the site to a broad circulation.

2. Copyrights

Copyrights for the site and for the data appearing on the site, including its design and the graphic elements of the site, belong to MOFET or to a third party that has given MOFET permission to use it. Fair personal use of the site is reserved for the user, subject to these Terms of Use and to the law, and not for commercial use.

3. Links

MOFET is not responsible for the content of sites linked to its site, and to the quality of service they provide. It will not be held responsible in any way concerning these linked sites. The links existing on the site are not to be considered recommendations to use them. They appear on the site only for the convenience of the user.

4. Content that Users Submit to the Site

The site publishes content originated by the users of the site. This content is published in the areas designated for it, for example, reactions to the public material (comments), permitting the user to insert his content into the site. Submitting material for publication on the site does not give the user the right to demand that the material be published or that it continue to be published.

MOFET encourages freedom of speech and fruitful discussion on the site, with the active participation of the users. At the same time, in order to permit cultural and substantive dialogue and to avoid exploitation of the possibilities open to the user to be expressed on the site, MOFET has the right to examine content before publication. Such examinations are only in order to attempt to prevent publication of verbal abuse, threats, vulgarity and/or content that may be illegal, and without the need to use legal opinion.

MOFET is not responsible for this content, and the sole responsibility for the content or its implications, rests with the user who submitted it for publication. This content does not express MOFET’s opinion or its position and publication is not a guarantee of its validity, reliability, accuracy or legality.

Upon sending or submitting material for publication on the site, the user takes full and exclusive responsibility for all results stemming from the publication. The user must ensure that the material is legal. Among other things and as an example, the following content is prohibited from publication:

- All content known to be untrue, mistaken or distorted;

- All content which harms or breaches property rights of others – including copyright and commercial logos;

- All pornographic or other sexually deviant content;

- All content concerning minors and identifying them, their personal details, their place of residence and the methods of communicating with them;

- All computer software, password or application containing computer virus, including the well-known Trojan Horse software, Worms, Vandals, malicious applications, etc.

- Passwords, user names and other details, which allow use of computer software, digital files, internet sites or services which require registration or payment, without registration or payment as mentioned;

- All content considered malicious to another person, or which invades his privacy or harms his good name;

- All content that directly identifies other people, without their having approved publication of their identity;

- All content of a bothersome, insulting, hostile, threatening or vulgar nature;

- Content that includes or encourages racism or improper discrimination on the basis of race, origin, skin color, ethnic group, nationality, religion, gender, employment, sexual orientation, illness, physical or mental disability, beliefs, political orientation or socio-economic position;

- Content that encourages execution of a criminal offense or may be the basis for a claim or for civic responsibility;

- All content that might mislead the consumer;

- All content with an advertising or commercial character;

- All content that negates the accepted practices for use of the internet or that could cause damage or harm to internet users;

- All content that is blocked by the need for a password and is not freely available to all internet users;

- MOFET has the right to reject publication or to immediately delete all material submitted by a user for publication at any time if the material is found to breach the Terms of Use or if it has acted or harmed or might cause harm to the services offered on the site, to the site’s users, to MOFET or to someone in MOFET’s behalf. In addition, MOFET will be entitled, in such cases, to prevent the user from publishing further content on the site. The instructions in this paragraph are in addition to MOFET’s rights according to law;

- If MOFET decides to publish material submitted by a user, it is entitled to edit and/or shorten the material at its discretion;

- The content submitted by a user for publication on the site will be available to all internet users. The user should behave with prudence and caution when submitting personal details (for example, home address and telephone number) and should be careful of reactions or approaches he receives following use of the site or the publication of his personal details.

5. Responsibility

MOFET is in no way responsible for defects and/or faults and/or any type of error in the material appearing on the site.

MOFET is no way responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage and/or loss, direct or indirect, deriving from use of the site and/or its content or deriving from the inability to use the site, for whatever reason. In addition, the aforementioned will not be held responsible for software damage and other damage if it was caused as a result of use of the site.

MOFET has no obligation that the site and/or its use, fulfills or will fulfill the needs of the user, and will not be held responsible for suiting the information to the needs of the user.

Use of material found on the site is not considered a substitute for professional or other consultation, and dependence on the content is the sole responsibility of the user. Material appearing on the site should not be used without activating professional opinion and without first examining the material.

In the event that there is a deviation between the content found on the site and the material published in official publications, the material in the official publications will be the accepted version.

6. Judgment Authority

This agreement will be subject only to the laws of the State of Israel. It will not be subject to the international law determined within.

The court of law authorized to judge in any argument between the parties, including arguments concerning use of the site and/or concerning the Terms of Use will be the authorized court located in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel.