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Armed only with Smart Notebook and Google Drawings, I undertook to create a universe. Now I know how Harold felt with his purple crayon. Here is the second installment of “Gamifying Mishna in Fifth Grade”.
Published: 2019
Updated: Feb. 13, 2019
The technological developments of our time allow each person to learn anywhere, anytime. Today, a connection to the internet is all one needs in order to access professional and vocational courses, public sector training courses, and courses and content from the leading educational institutions in Israel and throughout the world. Campus-IL is an open digital platform which enables all citizens of the State of Israel, whether from the center or the periphery, to connect to a personalized learning experience, through the best lecturers and teachers in their specific fields, free of cost.
Published: 2019
Updated: Jan. 09, 2019
Jewish EdTech Central provides funders and families that care about Jewish education with the information, tools and resources they need to learn, explore, and dive deep into the current state and future impacts of integrating technology in world of Jewish education.
Published: 2018
Updated: Jan. 02, 2019
There’s a slow-moving revolution happening in Jewish day schools. Over the past eight years, Jewish day schools have embraced a new philosophy called personalized learning where students work simultaneously on different assignments tailored to their individual needs. Blended learning, the method used to achieve personalized learning, structures the classroom so it’s less “teacher at the front of the room” and more a mix of teacher-led and independent and group student learning.
Published: 2018
Updated: Dec. 26, 2018