EdTech Tools for Judaics Classrooms

September 3, 2020

Source:  Prizmah 


In our efforts to continue to support teachers, UnitED, in partnership with Prizmah:CJDS and JEIC, has developed two short (4-5 min) videos done by @Sam Pearlson of SAR Academy to offer practical examples of how to integrate EdTech tools into Jewish Studies/Kodesh teaching. The videos take you through the planning of a unit from start to finish, including sample content, identifying goals and objectives, practical application of tools and assessing student learning. Using Sefaria, Quizlet, Vocaroo, Edpuzzle, Flipgrid, Mercava, Lino, Padlet, Quzizz, Rubrics and more.

  • Tanach - Educational Planning for Optimizing Digital Tools - Google Slides
  • Mishna/Gemara - Educational Planning For Optimizing Digital Tools - Google Slides



Updated: Sep. 10, 2020