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The Israel Institute’s eleventh cohort of its Visiting Artists Program will bring ten Israeli artists to teach at top universities across the United States during the 2019–2020 academic year. Among these artists are renowned theater artist Ruth Kanner at The Juilliard School; Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, internationally-acclaimed author of Waking Lions at UCLA; and award-winning choreographer, dancer, and musician Dafi Altabeb at Emory University.
Published: 2019
Updated: Aug. 06, 2019
The My Herzl Youth Essay competition, organized by The Israel Forever Foundation, aims to showcase the relevance of Herzl as a visionary Jewish leader in modern times. This international essay competition will focus on the legacy of Herzl as envisioned by you, today’s Jewish youth and the leaders of the next generation.
Published: 2019
Updated: Jul. 31, 2019
This study sits at the nexus of American-based Israel education, supplementary education in congregational schools, and research on teachers and the beliefs that inform their practice. Focusing on four American-born teachers in two progressive congregational supplementary schools, the study employed three strategies to develop understandings about each teacher’s relationship with Israel: (1) life history, an examination of a teacher’s personal story, situating it within the social, political, cultural context in which the life story takes place; (2) intellectual biography, creating a record of what a teacher knows about an area of content or practice, how she came to know it, and how that shapes her current understanding of that content or practice; and (3) case studies. The blending of these strategies, along with the employment of multiple appropriate methodologies led to the creation of thick profiles of each informant.
Published: 2019
Updated: Jul. 21, 2019
This article makes two distinct yet interrelated arguments about the role of children in research on contemporary American Jews. The first is that children ought to be included in research about American Judaism. Second, the inclusion of children in research both widens the scope and shifts the focus of understanding American Jewish relationships to Israel. Children’s participation in research demonstrates how American Jews develop relationships with Israel over the course of a lifetime.
Published: 2019
Updated: Jun. 13, 2019