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TALMA's Full-Year Fellowship is an ideal opportunity for early to mid-career educators seeking to grow their experience in international education, test the waters for Aliyah, or establish a career in education while gaining the social and professional supports to successfully integrate into the Israeli system. TALMA offers Fellows with all-expenses paid housing, visa or Aliyah support, job placement, health benefits, mentorship, professional development, social enrichment, weekly Ulpan, and an incredible social community of peers who serve as neighbors, colleagues, friends, and so much more.

TALMA is currently accepting applications for our 2021-22 Full-Year Communities at Ben Shemen Youth Village, Ein Gedi, and Eilat...PLUS, our new Morim Olim community in Nof HaGalil for teachers who are recent or soon-to-be new citizens of Israel.

TALMA 2.0 is a year-long immersive professional development and service experience comprised of educators from around the world. Participants will be placed within a state-run school supported by the Israeli Ministry of Education, teach English to disadvantaged students, receive world-class professional development from the Relay Graduate School of Education and partner organizations and gain a unique social experience living in a community of other young professionals working in education. The 2020-2021 Full Year communities include Ben Shemen, The Dead Sea Region (with housing based in Jerusalem), and Eilat. The 2021-22 community will expand to additional or alternative communities, including a newly launched community in Nof HaGalil.

2.0 Fellows aren't just passing through a community for a summer, they are settling there for a year - and sometimes even testing the waters or committing to a more permanent move to Israel. Year-long Fellows receive housing with their own bedroom & cooking facilities in the heart of whichever community they are serving. Teachers in the program have all major costs-of-living covered by TALMA (housing, wi-fi, and program-related transportation), receive a generous living stipend, attend a weekly ulpan (Hebrew immersion classes) to support acclimation, and gain academic credits, coursework, and professional development through local academic partners and international leaders in education such as Relay Graduate School of Education, One World, and Leading Educators. 2.0 is a chance to experience Israel like never before while leaving your mark on a community eager and grateful for your teaching talents.

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Updated: Aug. 05, 2021