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A new Working Paper released today by The George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD) and CASJE (Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education) is the first report of a multi-year, comprehensive research project addressing the recruitment, retention, and development of educators working in Jewish settings in North America.
Published: 2019
Updated: Mar. 14, 2019
This week, a new Jewish Sunday school has been opened in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. It is already the17th school of those established as a part of the new education project called JFUTURE. JFUTURE is the Jewish Sunday school network intended, first of all, for families that have not taken an active part in the community life. With over 400 participants, JFUTURE aims to double the number of students by the end of 2019.
Published: 2019
Updated: Feb. 27, 2019
Wanted: Nonreligious Israelis for work in communities abroad. It sounds like a weird job qualification, but according to the Jerusalem-based World Zionist Organization, Israeli-trained Hebrew language teachers who can be trusted to keep religion out of the classroom are in high demand these days.
Published: 2019
Updated: Feb. 14, 2019
Jewish federations launched with a focus on the vast human service needs of an immigrant population and in support of Israel and global Jewry. Soon after, Jewish education also received support from Jewish federations, although its leaders could sometimes feel as though they were last priority. But as Jews and Jewish life have changed and as Jewish education has transformed, so have Federation priorities. Today, Jewish education and engagement is the cornerstone of federation work.
Published: 2019
Updated: Feb. 13, 2019