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The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted education, forcing teachers and teacher educators into emergency, remote instruction. While there were noted challenges, there also were global success stories of innovation in preparing current and future teachers. This AACE and SITE-published, open access eBook contains 133 chapters with over 850 pages documenting best practices, strategies, and efforts by teacher educators, professional developers, researchers, and practitioners.
Published: 2020
Updated: Jun. 21, 2020
With more investigation into the reception of evolution in non-Christian majority cultures, and the increased awareness that anti-evolution sentiment is a global phenomenon, new educational resources are being developed to meet newly understood needs. This article explores the situation in Israel regarding conceptions of the compatibility of evolution and religion, as well as the educational initiatives being developed to advance dialogue. Included in the article are data from a study in a Jewish, Muslim and Christian school regarding stakeholders’ views on evolution, as well as insights from the first professional development course for Israeli teachers on “Evolution and Faith”.
Published: 2020
Updated: Jun. 15, 2020
Hospital teachers work in a unique educational milieu that serves hospitalized children. In order to meet these children’s educational needs, teachers are expected to display high emotional abilities that will allow them to be creative, flexible and innovative, and able to work in distressing situations. For this reason a 30-hour Emotional Intelligence academic course for hospital teachers was developed and conducted, based on the revised theoretical framework of Mayer, Caruso & Salovey (2016). This mixed methods research study examined 50 hospital teachers who participated in this 10-week course, using a pre- and post-questionnaire, focus groups, semi-structured interviews and a final paper with a reflective summary. All training materials and examples were geared towards working with hospitalized children.
Published: 2020
Updated: Mar. 11, 2020
The Master’s Concentration in Israel Education nurtures and challenges the next generation of knowledgeable and passionate educational leaders committed to the integral role of Israel in contemporary Jewish life. Its goal is to develop an approach to Israel education rooted in a sophisticated understanding of contemporary Israel and its history, combined with an innovative educational strategy and practice. Join cohort 10 of North American graduate and rabbinic students, working together with Israeli educators to shape the future of Israel education.
Published: 2019
Updated: Jan. 15, 2020