Jul. 24, 2019
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We are delighted to be sending you the July 2019 issue of The Jewish Portal of Teacher Education resource list.

The current issue contains information items about teacher education programs, results of educational action research projects, inclusion in Jewish education, Holocaust education, religious education, edtech and social media in Jewish education and much more.

We are very proud to feature the concluding installment of Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg’s pioneering real-time three-part series on gamifying his fifth grade Mishna class. Read what he and his students did, what he learned and what he plans for the future. Please share your comments, questions and ideas with him in the comments section of his piece.

We call your attention to one of this month's items: “No One’s Studying Hebrew Anymore — That’s A Big Problem” which raises some important questions about the future of Hebrew language instruction and also invite you to attend MOFET International’s webinar (in Hebrew): “I've been Studying this Language for Nine Years and I Still Can't Speak It. How is This Possible?!, on Sunday September 8, 2019, to learn about an effective model for teaching spoken Hebrew!

Wishing you a wonderful, enjoyable and fruitful summer,

Reuven Werber,

The MOFET Portal Team.

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