Nov. 22, 2017
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We are proud to host an article by Lior Krinsky introducing Jerusalem U.’s Media Lab, a wonderful new Israel education resource. 

We have just opened registration for MOFET International’s third online seminar on Teaching Hebrew as an Additional Language. The seminar is comprised of four sessions, led by our master teachers, to be held during January, 2018. Sign up all your Hebrew language teaching staff now!
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November 22, 2017 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
November 2017
Featured Items
Book Review: Cultures and Contexts of Jewish Education. Authors: Barry Chazan, Robert Chazan, Benjamin Jacobs
Behind a dry title, the slim Cultures and Contexts of Jewish Education offers the reader an excellent concise review of Jewish history from the Bible to the present. The authors draw on their respective areas of expertise to situate Jewish educational models over time within broader patterns of Jewish society and close with a surprising indictment of 20th century American Jewish education along with an optimistic educational proposal for the uncertain Jewish future of those “most engaged with modernity and its challenges” (p. xxii).
Assisting Struggling Teachers Effectively
In this research, we examine strategies school principals have used to assist struggling teachers. In an open-ended questionnaire designed for this study, we asked 219 school principals to describe a successful intervention they held. The results show that principals prefer supportive assistance to organizational changes (such as moving the teacher to another class). They rarely used confrontational approaches.
“From the Intuitive to the Intentional”: Designing a Constructivist Online Course
Online programs are becoming more ubiquitous in higher education; however, there has been a lack of research on the merit of this style of educating. Using the concept of constructivism as a framework, the idea that individuals construct their own understanding of world experiences, the authors generated a case study to explore the efficacy of teaching “havruta study,” text analysis in student pairs with instructor facilitation, in an online format. Findings suggest that, through careful consideration of communication styles and student needs, highly interactive in-house courses can be adapted to online settings.
MediaLab: Digital Resources for Authentic Israel Education
At Jerusalem U, we believe in meeting teens where they are. Our team, and our approach, is unique. We are filmmakers, storytellers, and educators. We engage, educate and empower young Jews to find themselves in the story of Judaism, the Jewish people, and Israel. We seek to transform the Israel education landscape through the power of film, bringing our audience on a journey infused with authenticity, where they wrestle with deep questions, exploring Israel and their own understandings of it.
Survey Highlights Staggering Price of Jewish Education
Nishma, a one-year-old sociological and market research firm, published a new study titled “The Nishma Profile of American Modern Orthodox Jews.” While the survey attempts to present an objective view of the Modern Orthodox community’s thoughts on religious life, the results provide instructive, and perhaps unintended, information about the respondents’ financial, rather than social or religious, concerns. Some observers have sought to focus on the answers it gives to potentially divisive questions about women in Orthodoxy, referring specifically to the “schism” about women serving as rabbis. However, the starker results of the survey reach a conclusion that, by far, unites all factions of the Modern Orthodox community. That concern is, in fact, how to support children and pay tuition for them to attend Jewish schools, how to keep kosher in a world with increasingly rising costs, and how to survive in increasingly expensive neighborhoods.
November 2017
All Recent Items
  Trends in Jewish Education
Book Review: Cultures and Contexts of Jewish Education. Authors: Barry Chazan, Robert Chazan, Benjamin Jacobs
HaYidion - Prizmah's Journal of Jewish Education: Differentiation

Formal Education

The Graduate(s): The Harvests of Israel’s Integrated Multicultural Bilingual Education
Hebrew and Jewish Peoplehood
Understanding Students’ Orientations to the Study of Rabbinics

Informal Education

National Study on Jewish Teens to Explore How Programs are Helping them “Flourish in Today’s World”

Adult Education

Adult Jewish Education: Wandering Jews and Limmud NY Partner to Promote Learning
Adult Learning is the Number One Priority for the Jewish Future

Teacher Education

Assisting Struggling Teachers Effectively
The Journey of Novice Teachers: Perceptions of Interns from a Teacher Training Program for Academics

Education & Administration

Survey Highlights Staggering Price of Jewish Education
Jim Joseph Foundation Invests More than $23.7 Million in Jewish Educator Professional Development and in Leadership Development in Jewish Education

Israel Education

Teaching the Land of Israel as Civic Education: A Historical Exploration

Technology & Computers

Israel Police to Launch Cybercrime Unit Protecting Children
“From the Intuitive to the Intentional”: Designing a Constructivist Online Course

Conferences & Events

Hebrew in the First Place (Rishon): A seminar for Hebrew Teachers in the Diaspora
Bronfman Youth Fellowships 2018 Applications Open
Dr. Beth Samuels High School Summer Program at Drisha Institute - Summer, 2018

Learning Resources

MediaLab: Digital Resources for Authentic Israel Education
National Library of Israel Book of Genesis (Bereshit) Resource Pack
November 2017
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