Mar. 24, 2021
Dear subscriber, 

We are delighted to be sending you another issue of The Jewish Portal of Teacher Education resource list.

The current issue contains research findings, educational resources for Passover, Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Torah study, etc. as well as updates on news about the global Jewish education community, selected from journals and many other Jewish education publications.

We have also included some meaningful reflections by Jewish educators about what they have learned from a year of functioning under COVID-19 pandemic conditions and what they think should become the new normal in Jewish education.

MOFET is happy to invite you to join our online seminar: Evaluation and Measurement of Online Courses to be held in April – May, 2021. The four-session seminar will be led by Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Prof. Ludmila Smirnova, Dr. Ramesh Sharma, and Prof. Ebba Ossiannilsson. You can get more information and register here.

I would like to take this opportunity, as the month of Aviv (spring) blooms around us, to wish you a very happy and healthy Festival of Aviv (Passover) with a speedy redemption from all our ills and tribulations.

Reuven Werber

The MOFET Portal Team.