Mar. 19, 2015
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March 19, 2015 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
March 2015
Featured Items
I Left with Moses
'I left with Moses' is an experimental Pesah seder learning format created by the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland's Curriculum Department with the goal of creating a stronger bridge between Jewish educational programs and the homes of children in grades 4-7. Part of the website is specifically geared to children ('Let's Do' and 'Let's Practice') and part of the site brings a big idea from the seder to parents ('Let's Learn').
DeLeT Graduates' Perceptions of the Program and Their Preparedness For Teaching : An Evaluation Report
The DeLeT program was established in 2002 in response to three decades of expansion in non - orthodox Jewish day schools. This created a demand for teachers prepared to teach in these new schools. In the 12 years since the program’s inception, DeLeT at Brandeis and HUC - JIR have prepared close to 200 teachers who are teaching across the nation in 18 states and more than 46 schools. This report focuses on how DeLeT graduates from both programs perceive their preparedness for day school teaching, as well as how they perceive the DeLeT faculty and the programs’ strengths and weaknesses. It also examines similarities and differences between the two programs and offers possible explanations for the handful of differences we identified. Such an in - depth examination of graduates’ perspectives provides valuable formative feedback to both programs.
How Do Young American Jews Feel About Israel?
Last summer, our routine evaluation of Taglit-Birthright Israel became a serendipitous natural experiment allowing us to assess the feelings and beliefs of 18 to 26-year-old American Jews about Israel before and after the Israel-Hamas war. The research gives us an unparalleled chance to assess whether or not Israel’s conduct in the war alienated or promoted support for Israel. Applicants to Birthright are a large and fairly representative group of young adult Jews.
Israeli Teachers' Salaries Rise 54% in Past Decade
The salaries of teachers and inspectors in Israel's education system have risen 54% over the past decade from an average of NIS 6,807 per month to NIS 10,438, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports. In real terms (after the rise in the Consumer Price Index is deducted) this is a rise of 29%. The salaries of teachers in haredi high schools is only half that of their colleagues in state high schools.
SEDER2015: Digital Platform to Invigorate Passover
For SEDER2015 - we have gathered an extraordinary group of scholars, universities, rabbis, artists, media outlets, activists, and Jewish leaders to embark on a several year journey to understand the importance of Passover - allowing the wisdom of this tradition to illuminate the current world we live in. With your help we will launch in mid March - and give you many tools; to bring new folks to the Seder table, deepen existing family traditions, and create one of if not the most extensive online resource for the Passover holiday.
Jewish Peoplehood: Not Just for Diaspora Jews
The inaugural conference on the topic of “Israelis and Jewish Peoplehood” drew 250 people last week to Beit Hatfutsot in Tel Aviv to discuss the theory and the practice of Jewish Peoplehood in the context of Israeli society. Organized by the Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education and Beit Hatfutsot – the Museum of the Jewish People, the conference brought together educators and organizational leaders from a wide range of organizations, including government ministries.
March 2015
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
Modern Orthodoxy Has Its Costs – Not Just Financial
The Last of the Arab Jews: Tunisian Jewish Enclave Weathers Revolt, Terror; Can It Survive Girls’ Education?
The Third Stage of Jewish Education

Formal Education

Welcoming Opposition: Havruta Learning and Montaigne’s The Art of Discussion
Teaching Traumatic History to Young Children: The Case of Holocaust Studies in Israeli Kindergartens

Informal Education

Israel National Student Council Launches New Students’ Rights Campaign
PJ Library Comes to Additional Russian-speaking Jewish Communities
Jewish Camps: How is the Magic Made?
Forces of Tomorrow: Youth Culture and Identity in the British Hashomer Hatzair Movement
Ethnicity Vs. Israeli National Culture in One Nationalized Educational Site: The Case of the Annual School Trip
Informal Provision for Young People in the UK Jewish Community

Teacher Education

DeLeT Graduates' Perceptions of the Program and Their Preparedness For Teaching : An Evaluation Report
Mentoring in an Online Simulation: Shaping Preservice Teachers for Tomorrow’s Roles
Teacher Leader Fellowship for Jewish Day School Teachers

Education & Administration

A National Catalyst for Jewish Education
Day School Tuition: If You Lower It, Will They Come?
Denver Coalition Hopes To Use Marketing To Boost Early Childhood Enrollment
Leadership for Equity and Social Justice in Arab and Jewish Schools in Israel: Leadership Trajectories and Pedagogical Praxis
Israeli Teachers' Salaries Rise 54% in Past Decade

Israel Education

JCPA Leadership Program in Arab-Israel Studies
Taglit Fellows Trains Second Cohort with Skills, Strategies to Enrich Taglit-Birthright Israel Experience
How Do Young American Jews Feel About Israel?

Technology & Computers

Can Digital Badges Save Hebrew School? Jewish Teachers' New Gamifying Technology
Now Available: Interim Report on AVI CHAI Blended Learning Initiatives

Conferences & Events

Announcing edJEWprize: Teen ELI Talks Student Contest
Hebrew College Hosts 7th Annual GISHA Conference on Inclusion in Jewish Education
Jewish Peoplehood: Not Just for Diaspora Jews
Matan Advanced Tanakh Summer Institute

Learning Resources

SEDER2015: Digital Platform to Invigorate Passover
I Left with Moses
March 2015
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