Mar. 31, 2009
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As the Passover holiday approaches, we recall the birth of our nation as it emerged into freedom from oppression in the season of natural rebirth and blossoming.

This year we also mark the special Blessing of the Sun (Birkat Hachama) which marks the traditional return of the Sun to its position at the time and day of Creation once every 28 years. This year the Blessing occurs on the day preceding Passover, a rare occurrence bringing together the messages of Creation of the Universe and Liberation of our People from bondage.

May we take strength from these eternal spiritual messages to continue the task of protecting all of Creation and working towards the liberation and redemption of our nation along with all of mankind.
May we succeed in educating our future generations to be inspired by these messages.

Wishing you a happy Passover and interesting and enjoyable reading,

Reuven Werber


The MOFET JTEC Portal Team

March 31, 2009 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
March 2009
Featured Items
Paideia Project Incubator - 2009
The Paideia Project Incubator is a program for activists and entrepreneurs for Jewish culture who want to develop new projects in the educational, cultural, communal and institutional fields. The Incubator offers professional and experienced faculty and an intensive, effective studying program including lectures, workshops, peer-groups, courses in Jewish Textual Studies, individual counseling, and meetings with foundation representatives – all aimed at promoting, guiding and advancing participants projects.
Day School Education in Challenging Times: Examining the Strategic Options
A Lippman Kanfer Institute working paper report to help day school and community leaders thoughtfully consider the options available today for providing children and their families with a Jewish education that is effective in transmitting Jewish knowledge, fostering Jewish identity, promoting a sense of community, and developing strong Jewish values while facing challenges of limited enrollment and unstable finances.
A Better Stimulus Plan in Israel
MASA Israel, has just launched a recruitment campaign aimed at young people in the USA facing great challenges in finding suitable jobs in the contracting US economy. The ' A Better Stimulus Plan' website encourages young college graduates to apply for 5 -12 month internships in Israel in their fields of training and interest. By participating in the MASA program in Israel they can obtain valuable work experience and enhance their résumés before embarking on a permanent career while getting to know modern Israel firsthand by living and working there.
Orthodox Grapple with Charter Schools
The economic crisis sweeping the USA is bringing Jewish parents to explore less expensive ways of providing their children with a Jewish education. One of the options being examined is the establishment of publicly financed Hebrew Charter Schools, such as the Ben Gamla Hebrew Charter School in Hollywood, Florida. Many Orthodox parents reject this option out of hand, while others examine it as a possible way of making Jewish education more affordable.
Bless the Sun - Birkat HaHammah
Every 28 years, the Jewish community celebrates the return of the sun to its original place in the heavens at the precise time and day of its creation. This celebration is called Birkat Hahammah - blessing of the Sun. The next date on which we mark this moment is April 8, 2009, the day before Passover. This site, developed by a coalition of Jewish environmental organizations, is dedicated to help mark this amazing day.
The Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library
The National Yiddish Book Center offers online access to the full texts of nearly 11,000 out-of-print Yiddish titles from its collection. The books can be browsed, read, downloaded or printed free of charge.
March 2009
All Recent Items
Jewish Education - Trends

JPPPI Annual Assessment 2008
Change the Framework of Israel-Diaspora Relations
The Kehillah Partnership of Northern New Jersey
Orthodox Grapple with Charter Schools

Informal Education

Free Magazine for Jewish Teens
SciTech Israel Scientific Summer Camp
JNF GoNeutral Shabbat
Sderot Indoor Rocket-Proof Recreation Center
The Great Bat Mitzvah Makeover – 614 – The HBI eZINE

Teacher Education

Teachers for Israel - English Teachers Project

In-Service Training

The Educational Leadership Advancement Initiative (ELAI) - 2009
ATID Fellows 2009-10
Rabbinic Torah Study Summer 2009 Program

Education & Administration

Hebrew College’s Big Plans Yield Big Debts
Day School Education in Challenging Times: Examining the Strategic Options
Jim Joseph Foundation giving $11 Million in Emergency Grants
The Jim Joseph Foundation Fellows – Leading Educators Online

Israel Education

A Better Stimulus Plan in Israel

Technology & Computers

Torah 2.0: Old-Line Publisher Brings Biblical Commentary Into Online World
Darim Online - Graduate Internship

Conferences & Events

The Steiner Internship in Yiddish Studies
Pardes Day School Novice Teachers' Curriculum Workshop - 2009
YIVO EPYC Educators Seminar on East European Jewish Heritage
Call for Papers: The First International Conference on The Purposes and Practices of Israel Education
Annual Teva Seminar on Jewish Environmental Education
Call for Papers - Teaching the Holocaust
Paideia Project Incubator - 2009
GISHA - Conference on Teaching Hebrew to Students with Special Needs

Learning Resources

The Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library
Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Online Historical Encyclopedia
An Ethical Start – A PreSchool Curriculum
Israel @ 60 Miami
Jewish Food Education Network
Bless the Sun - Birkat HaHammah

March 2009
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