Nov. 30, 2008
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November 30, 2008 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
November 2008
Featured Items
'Now I feel 100% Jewish' – The Nativ Program
An educational program called Nativ is offered to Israeli soldiers and officers who are not Jewish according to Halacha (Orthodox Jewish law) during their military service. The program commences with a seven or eleven-week intensive course in Judaism to prepare them for conversion. After completing the course and being sent back to their bases, soldiers interested in proceeding with the conversion process are then invited to two two-week seminars, with a month off between them, before undergoing the official conversion by three rabbis of the IDF Chaplaincy.
UJC General Assembly in Israel – JTA Comprehensive Coverage
Over 3,000 federation lay and professional leaders from North America gathered in mid November, 2008 at the Binyanei HaUma international convention center in Jerusalem to attend the annual General Assembly (GA) of the United Jewish Communities (UJC). During the four days of deliberations, study tours, exhibitions, entertainment and formal and informal contact the cloud of global economic uncertainty and its effect on Jewish fundraising and philanthropy was the constant topic of conversation. The JTA has given the GA comprehensive coverage on its website.
Hiddur: The Center for Aging and Judaism
Hiddur: The Center for Aging and Judaism is a transdenominational effort to transform the culture of later life and foster multi-generational community. Established in 2003 by the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Hiddur seeks to empower the growing number of Jews entering the second half of life to connect to lifelong learning and spiritual engagement, and contribute their talents.
2008 MOFET JTEC Seminar in Israel for Diaspora Community Leaders – a Summary
Twenty three Jewish community leaders from around the world participated in an intensive three week Israel seminar organized by MOFET JTEC in cooperation with ”Soul Train”, a program of the Bnei Akiva Yeshiva Kfar Haroeh this July. The intensive, experiential seminar program enabled participants to acquire knowledge as well as practice Jewish activities and topics, creating a linkage to Israel, for the benefit of their communities.
A Census of Jewish Supplementary Schools in the United States - 2006-7
This census of Jewish supplementary schools in North America enrollment was the first to be carried out in over a quarter century. A list of schools was drawn up, based on information made available by the larger bodies of synagogues, umbrella agencies and educational organizations. Over 1700 of the approximately 2100 existing schools provided enrollment data and other information.
November 2008
All Recent Items
Jewish Education - Trends

A Census of Jewish Supplementary Schools in the United States - 2006-7
Teaching Toward Tomorrow: Setting an Agenda for Modern Orthodox Education

Adult Education

Read Hebrew America/Canada (RHA/C) Campaign
More than 1,000 Attend Limmud FSU Jewish Learning Conference
'Now I feel 100% Jewish' – The Nativ Program

Teacher Education

The Senior Educators Program – The Melton Center for Jewish Education

In-Service Training

International School for Holocaust Studies Online Courses
Hidden Sparks Without Walls Program
Hiddur: The Center for Aging and Judaism

Education & Administration

Or Avner Braces for Cuts as Leviev Hit by Global Crisis
Complementary School Change Initiatives: Lessons Learned from Research and Evaluation in the Field
UJC General Assembly in Israel – JTA Comprehensive Coverage

Israel Education

2008 MOFET JTEC Seminar in Israel for Diaspora Community Leaders – a Summary
Alexander Muss Institute for Israel Education
Makom - the Israel Engagement Network
Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem
JerusalemOnline – Your Link to Israel
After Birthright Israel: Finding and Seeking Young Adult Jewish Community

Technology & Computers

Grants for up to $10,000 Are Available for Creative Uses of Technology in Jewish Education 2008-9
ORT Argentina’s Virtual Campus Presented at International Conference

Conferences & Events

Leaders for Tikkun Olam
The 2009 Network for Research in Jewish Education (NRJE) Annual Conference

Learning Resources

The National Center for Jewish Film
G-dcast Torah Parsha Animations Online Judaism Courses

November 2008
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