Sep. 21, 2015
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September 21, 2015 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
September 2015
Featured Items
Sixteen Online Resources to Support Your High Holiday Curriculum
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are just around the corner! We know the beginning of the year is a busy time for teachers, so we rounded up all the best videos, websites, apps and more to help you make the High Holidays meaningful for your students. Whether you teach 12th grade or Kindergarten, there’s something here for your classroom.
How to Put Tefilah Back on Schools’ Agenda
At the beginning of the summer, the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators brought together 17 successful Day School educators, rabbis and administrators to think more deeply about the critical area of prayer in day schools. This six-day intensive symposium, entitled Aleinu Le’shabeach, drew a diverse group from Community, Orthodox and Conservative schools spanning grades K-12. There were many takeaways from this program. However, we want to focus on what we saw as the central and most significant finding: the need to develop and professionalize a field of tefilah education. All the rest is commentary.
Violent Summer Inspires Israeli Schools to Focus on Tolerance
The first week of the approaching school year will be devoted to teaching students the importance of tolerance, fighting racism, and preventing violence, Israel Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced Thursday. The announcement follows the violent events over the summer, including the stabbing murder of an Israeli teenager at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade and the arson that claimed the lives of a Palestinian toddler and his father in the village of Duma.
The Humanistic Education in a Unique Pre - Service Teacher Education Program for Ethiopian Immigrants: A Foundation for Bridging Gaps
The unique pre - service teacher education programme for Ethiopian immigrants, operated at a Teacher Education College, encompasses two main approaches to value - oriented education, the pluralistic and particularistic approaches. The programme constitutes a challenging ladder which can reduce the educational, social, cultural, instructional and professional gap of Ethiopians in Israel. This paper presents the humanistic theory perception and displays its characteristics in the unique programme. In order to demonstrate the humanistic education principles in the unique programme, the interviews and documents which accompanied the programme were content analysed.
iCamp for Israel Education
Join the most dynamic network of Jewish educators, thought leaders and stakeholders from across North America and Israel to inspire new ideas and groundbreaking paradigms in Israel education. iCamp 2015, the iCenter's biennial convening (December 1-3, 2015) at Hilton Lake Las Vegas, provides an extraordinary opportunity for educators and leaders in all arenas of Jewish education – day schools, synagogues, summer camps, youth organizations, academic and communal institutions.
WhatsApp Goes to School: Mobile Instant Messaging between Teachers and Students
WhatsApp is a smartphone application for instant messaging. Lately the application's popularity has risen. One of the unique features of the application is its ability to enhance communication within a group. Classroom communication between teaching faculty and high school students using WhatsApp has not yet, to our knowledge, been researched thoroughly. Therefore, we have chosen to conduct an exploratory research project employing a qualitative method. Twelve half- structured interviews were carried out with teachers who use the application in order to communicate with their pupils.
September 2015
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
Stewards of Truth: Holocaust Denial in the Classroom
How to Put Tefilah Back on Schools’ Agenda
Object Lessons in Jewish History
Record Number of New Immigrants to Enter Israel's School System

Formal Education

Lodz to Have First Jewish Kindergarten in Decades
Private Tutoring Intensity in Schools: A Comparison Between High and Low Socio-Economic Schools
Students Perform The Mitzvah of Posterity in Recording Holocaust Survivor Testimony in Yeshiva University High School Project ‘Names, Not Numbers’ Project
Hebrew School Inclusion for Children with Special Needs Is Possible, Here’s How
Violent Summer Inspires Israeli Schools to Focus on Tolerance
‘Skills Panic’ Prompts New Israeli Government Effort in Math Education

Teacher Education

The Humanistic Education in a Unique Pre - Service Teacher Education Program for Ethiopian Immigrants: A Foundation for Bridging Gaps

Israel Education

The Palmach Museum in Tel-Aviv: The Past as a Space of Education, Entertainment, and Discipline
Leading Israeli Artists are Coming to Campus
Ten Ways to Help Society on Your Holiday in Israel
Meltzing, Marps and Shabboptions: Hebrew at North American Jewish Summer Camps
Brazilian ‘Model Knesset’ Event Draws 120 Young Jewish, Non-Jewish Applicants

Technology & Computers

Nipagesh Social Network for Jewish Day Schools
Zomet Experience - A Disneyland for Shabbat Electronics
ISTE 2015 with the DigitalJLearning Network
Israeli High School Students to be Offered Cyber Studies
WhatsApp Goes to School: Mobile Instant Messaging between Teachers and Students
Jewish Schools Build with Customized Online Learning Initiative

Conferences & Events

iCamp for Israel Education
Limmud Comes to Jerusalem

Learning Resources

Tanakh Profiles - An Encyclopedia of Biblical Personalities
OLAM: Improving the World. Together.
Teaching the Legacy #33 - e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators – Liberation and the Return to Life – Marking 70 Years since the End of World War II
Transform Your Classroom with Torah Live!
Sixteen Online Resources to Support Your High Holiday Curriculum
Happy New Year - National Library of Israel Resource Pack
September 2015
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