Apr. 07, 2016
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April 7, 2016 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
April 2016
Featured Items
Herzog College's 'Google for Tanakh' Website Wins WEBI 2015 Award for Online Learning
Hatanakh.com, Herzog College's 'Google for Tanakh', an innovative and comprehensive Tanakh website, was recently awarded the prestigious WEBI award for 2015 in the category of Online Learning. The Tanakh website was chosen by a team of experts in the field of internet and ICT for technological breakthrough and pedagogical innovation. The contest judges wrote: 'Herzog's hatanakh.com is a unique site, which provides comprehensive and experiential learning and a vast database of information in the forefront of technological development. The site includes innovative tools, developed to enhance the learning experience. This is an original and fresh way to expose one of the most important treasures of the Jewish people.'
HaYidion: RAVSAK's Journal of Jewish Education: Jewish Literacy and Curriculum
When formulating a vision of what they want their students to learn, day school educators need to start with a shared understanding of Jewish literacy. This issue explores the connections between a vision of Jewish literacy and a Jewish curriculum. Authors consider the purposes and goals of literacy; suggest ways that Jewish sources can serve as an educational framework; advocate for various subjects, curricular emphases and pedagogical or delivery methods; and share specific initiatives that they have developed.
Values Education Through Aggadic Stories: The Didactic Rewriter as Interpreter
Didactic rewrites of aggadic stories are an important resource in values education. This study, geared primarily toward teachers involved in choosing curricular materials, investigates how the didactic rewriter actually becomes an interpreter, rather than a mere transmitter, of the original text. The personal values of the rewriters can influence the retold story, as can their desire to adapt it to their target audience. In order to increase teacher awareness of the rewriters’ interpretive process and its ramifications, two different rewrites of the same original aggadic story are compared as a paradigm. The different values and role models which emerge as well as the potential impact of each rewrite on the child’s moral development are examined.
Mitjabrim Le-Chinuch: A Model of Collaboration between Day Schools in Uruguay
Mitjabrim Chinuch is a program that aims at training the next generation of teachers in Jewish Education in Uruguay as well as providing professional development to the current morim of educational institutions and strengthening the bonds between school and family. Sponsored by the Pincus Fund, the program is developed by a professional team from two Jewish schools in Montevideo (Uruguay): Escuela Integral and Yavne. This joint project provides an enriching environment where both institutions need to work together sharing every single step from planning to realization.
Holocaust Days of Remembrance Resources from The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The United States Congress established the Days of Remembrance as the nation’s annual commemoration of the Holocaust. Each year state and local governments, military bases, workplaces, schools, religious organizations, and civic centers host observances and remembrance activities for their communities. These events can occur during the Week of Remembrance, which runs from the Sunday before Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Hashoah - Thursday, May 5, 2016) through the following Sunday. Are you interested in organizing an observance? The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is pleased to offer a wide selection of resources featuring many themes and historical anniversaries that will help you find the most appropriate focus for your community.
April 2016
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
Jewish Fluency: Creating a New Culture
“Do Not Turn a Deaf Ear or a Blind Eye on Me, as I Am Your Son”: New Conceptions of Childhood and Parenthood in 18th- and 19th-Century Jewish Letter-Writing Manuals
Train Up a Child: On the Maskilic Attempt to Change the Habitus of Jewish Children and Young Adults
No Candy Store, No Pizza Shops, No Maxi-Skirts, No Makeup”: Socializing Orthodox Jewish Girls Through Schooling
“A Home Away From Home”: Amsterdam’s Kehila Is Educating Children and Connecting Adults

Formal Education

HaYidion: RAVSAK's Journal of Jewish Education: Jewish Literacy and Curriculum
Use of Confidence Scales in Analysing Unscientific Ideas about Evolution among Religious Jewish Students
'The Final Journey: How Judaism Dignifies the Passage' High School Curriculum
Between Universalism and Particularism: Rethinking the Teaching of Jewish History
Jewish Literacy Versus Jewish Identity: Teachers’ Reflections
Values Education Through Aggadic Stories: The Didactic Rewriter as Interpreter
Reading Sacred Texts in the Classroom: The Alignment Between Students and Their Teacher’s Interpretive Stances When Reading the Hebrew Bible
The Philosophies, Contents and Pedagogies of Environmental Education Programs in 10 Israeli Elementary Schools

Informal Education

March of the Living, a Holocaust Educational Tour: An Assessment of Anxiety and Depression

Teacher Education

'We Continue As Teachers': Success Events Perceived As Meaningful by Teachers and Encourage Them to Persevere in Teaching
Social–Emotional Competencies among Teachers: An Examination of Interrelationships
Mitjabrim Le-Chinuch: A Model of Collaboration between Day Schools in Uruguay

In-Service Training

Applications Now Open for AVI CHAI Sponsorship For the 2016 Principals' Center Summer Institute at The Harvard Graduate School Of Education!
AVI CHAI Sponsors Day School Leaders and Teachers at Alvo Institute’s Online Courses
Registration for the Hidden Sparks' Blended Learning Lenses Course 2016 Is Now Open

Education & Administration

The Contribution of Privatization and Competition in the Education System to the Development of an Informal Management Culture in Schools: A Case Study in Israel

Israel Education

From Multiple Choice to Multiple Choices: Rethinking Israel Literacy in Our Schools
Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project and Israeli Government Expand Israel Experiences for Women
Negotiating Critical Analysis and Collective Belonging: Jewish American Students Write the History of Israel

Technology & Computers

NY and NJ Jewish Day Schools Offer Learning Beyond the Classroom Walls

Conferences & Events

Join Colleagues from across the US in Israel at the 2016 Echoes and Reflections Advanced Learning Seminar at Yad Vashem
CIE/ISMI 2016 Educator Enrichment Workshop on Modern Israel
Second Annual North American Hagigah Ivrit Hebrew Festival Returns to New York

Learning Resources

Herzog College's 'Google for Tanakh' Website Wins WEBI 2015 Award for Online Learning
High-Tech Bible Website Launches from Israel
Holocaust Days of Remembrance Resources from The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
April 2016
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