Feb. 13, 2011
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February 13, 2011 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
February 2011
Featured Items
Digital Jewish Education Forum - Inspiration through Education
On a rainy Tel Aviv day last week nearly eighty Israeli geeks, new media freaks and edtechies came together at the Heseg House - to see how they could collaborate in finding new ways to further Jewish Education locally and around the globe. The Digital Jewish Education Forum was conceived and convened by Leadel.net, a Jewish media hub promoting Jewish identity and activity in the 21st century, to launch Leadel EDU, and to start a discussion between educators, creators of new media and programmers about how they could join forces to harness 21st century technology and art to enrich Jewish education.
(Almost) Everything about Israeli Schools – An Online Hebrew Database
The online Hebrew database of Israeli schools displays information about Israeli educational institutions along with related information from the Ministry of Education, from the institution as well as from local municipalities in order to provide as complete a picture of the institution as possible.
Training Teachers in New Methods of Education
World ORT's operational arm in Israel, Kadima Mada, has joined forces with specialists at the NCJW Research Institute for Innovation in Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to design and deliver an on-line course to train English teachers how to adjust their pedagogical techniques in order to make full use of the Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) and associated equipment being installed in their schools.
A Green Exchange – Sviva Israel's Eco Connection Twinning Project
Michele Chabin writes about the most recent installment of Sviva Israel’s flagship project, Eco Connection, between the Chalamish School in Arad and the Temple Beth Miriam Eisenberg-Bierman Religious School in Elberon, N.J. Right now, Eco Connection has a network of eight Israeli and nine American elementary and middle schools whose students jointly study the program’s environmental curriculum
TotallyOnline.org – Online Hebrew School
The Afikim Foundation has launched 'ToTallyOnline.org,' the first live, interactive online Hebrew School. Utilizing cutting-edge web-conferencing technology and a kid-friendly interface, this groundbreaking program allows students, ages 8-11, to interact via video, audio or text chat to create a fully functional virtual classroom from their own home. An introductory semester of 10 one-hour classes on consecutive Sunday mornings began on January 9, 2011 and is continuing through March 13th.
The Second North American Jewish Day School Conference Convenes in LA
More than 600 leaders and educators at Jewish day schools across the spectrum of Jewish practice opened the North American Jewish Day School Conference in Los Angeles this week. From making special education a priority within the Jewish day school framework, to harnessing technology to enhance and strengthen curricula and classrooms, to maintaining financially sustainable institutions of quality, the conference is addressing issues relevant to a day school movement committed to transmitting knowledge, enhancing practice, ensuring a vibrant future and solidifying its place on the educational landscape.
February 2011
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
From Sinai to Cyberspace, Pt. 2: Thawing out

Formal Education

Torah on the Right Side of the Brain
(Almost) Everything about Israeli Schools – An Online Hebrew Database

Informal Education

Making Jewish Education Work: Jewish Service Learning

Adult Education

Limmud Becoming New Favored Networking Tool for Jewish Authors, Artists, Groups

In-Service Training

Training Teachers in New Methods of Education

Education & Administration

Applications for the 2011 Covenant Foundation Grants Available
Nurturing an Online Community of Practice

Israel Education

Major Boost For Birthright Funding from Israeli Gov’t; Tipping Point In Sight
Taglit-Birthright Israel: Shorashim - Teacher Trek
Connecting via The iCenter: A Chicago-Based Organization's Innovative Ways and Means of Getting Young Jews to Put the 'i' in Israel

Technology & Computers

The Carrier Pigeon – The Collaborative Workspace of Israeli Educators
Tu B'shvat Online Synchronous Biology Lesson
Technology and Jewish Education: A Revolution in the Making
the fut.ure of edu.cat.ion
Remote Teachers – No Longer a Remote Possibility
TotallyOnline.org – Online Hebrew School

Conferences & Events

Jewish Women's Archive Institute for Educators - 2011
The 2011 Holocaust Seminar for Seminary and Religious Studies Faculty
Uri L'tzedek Summer 2011 Fellowship
The Second North American Jewish Day School Conference Convenes in LA
Digital Jewish Education Forum - Inspiration through Education

Learning Resources

A Green Exchange – Sviva Israel's Eco Connection Twinning Project
Holocaust Historical Data Goes Digital
The Open Siddur: A Next Generation Communal Jewish Educational Resource
Rabbis on Stamps – Online Exhibit
Art for Israel's Sake – Omanoot.com
Dialog with 'OFEK' – Affective Discourse with Small Groups
Encyclopedia of the Founders and Builders of Israel
Six-Part Unit on Social Learning and the Internet
The David Project Israel Curricula
February 2011
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