Feb. 15, 2017
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We are happy to publish an original piece by Aviad Pituchei-Chotam about the Youth Shaliach Program at Bnei Akiva Schools in Toronto. 

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February 15, 2017 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
February 2017
Featured Items
International TEC Day - Let’s Come Together: Storytelling
'Grandma's stories' is the theme this year for the TEC International Day to be held on March 22, 2017, where thousands of children, teachers, student teachers, leading scholars, renowned researchers and policy makers from different cultures locally and internationally will connect to discuss, present grandma's stories and interact together in protected online and virtual environments. Grandma's stories may have different interpretations. It may refer to her wisdom stories or that her tales are something from the past which is not valid today or it may refer to her healing recipes.
Blessed Are You Who Gathers the Scattered Am Yisrael – And What About Us? - The Youth Shaliach Program at Bnei Akiva Schools, Toronto Canada
The structure of the current Herzog College Youth Shaliach Program Program at Bnei Akiva Schools, Toronto Canada includes four youth shlichim, who come to Canada each year, for one of each of the two academic semesters. The shlichim, students of education towards the end of their degrees, are integrated into the school as teachers, youth leaders, educators and friends. The first and most important level of the shlichim's work is that they bring a taste of Israel to Canada.
Strengthening the Collective Us: Celebrating JDAIM
This February marks the 9th annual Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month (JDAIM). At The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, we proudly celebrate JDAIM with the knowledge that inclusion is among our main areas of focus year-round. Our policies, practices and programs incorporate The Jewish Federation’s commitment to include individuals with disabilities, setting a standard for the ways in which individuals are invited and encouraged to participate in Jewish life.
Eight Digital Tools for Students to Create Original Purim Shpiel Videos
Today it’s common for synagogues, Jewish schools, and other institutions to each put on their own Purim shpiel, and though these are always enjoyable to watch, there’s usually a limited number of people who get to actively participate. This year, ensure that every one of your students gets to be a part of this fun tradition as a producer, not only an audience member, by giving them the digital tools to create their own original Purim shpiel videos! In addition to having fun, they’ll be learning important media creation skills that are vital to succeeding in today’s world. Read below to find the tool that’s right for your classroom.
Prizmah Day School Conference Delivers Fresh Approach and Exciting Collaboration
Attended by more than 1,000 people from across the Jewish community, the Prizmah Jewish Day School Conference in Chicago this week was fresh, exciting, and full of innovative approaches to Jewish education that were embraced by energetic attendees. The three-day conference lived up to expectations as an “interactive learning experience” with well-known speakers, dozens of panels and small group interactions, coaching sessions, and an “innovation playground” that showcased the Jewish community’s most advanced education technology and approaches.
February 2017
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
Avoidance Behavior Following Terror Event Exposure: Effects of Perceived Life Threat and Jewish Religious Coping
Jewish Literacy – Unfortunately, it’s Not Enough
Strengthening the Collective Us: Celebrating JDAIM

Formal Education

Effects of Nature-Oriented Preschools on the Socio-Emotional Development of Israeli Children
Jewish Educational Leadership. Winter, 2016 – Teaching the Whole Child

Informal Education

The Importance of a 'Heart-To-Heart' Conversation as Part of Emotional Education in Elementary Schools
Emotional Experiences of Israeli Youth from the Journey to Holocaust Memorial Sites

Teacher Education

Perceptions of Teacher Educators Regarding ICT Implementation in Israeli Colleges of Education
Training for Small Group Instruction in Pre-Service Teacher Education: Pedagogical Instructors’ Perceptions
Those Who Can…Will Teach! The Jewish Day School Teacher Re-Design 2017
Great Teaching Takes More Than a Great Jewish Journey
Blessed Are You Who Gathers the Scattered Am Yisrael – And What About Us? - The Youth Shaliach Program at Bnei Akiva Schools, Toronto Canada

In-Service Training

Kevah Teaching Fellowships
New Online Courses offered by Gratz Advance’s NEXT program: Classes begin February 27, 2017
Hillel International Launches New Initiative to Build Talent Pipeline for Jewish World

Education & Administration

Bridging The Academy and the Community
Koret Foundation gives $10 million to Tel Aviv’s Museum of the Jewish People to establish the Koret International School for Jewish Peoplehood

Israel Education

Birthright Israel, Special Order

Technology & Computers

Global Initiatives Virtually Commemorate the Holocaust — In a Very Real Way
Announcing edJEWcon’s Blogging Challenge
Israel Sets Up Cyber Education Center to Draw Students to Field
Technology for Torah Education
Eight Digital Tools for Students to Create Original Purim Shpiel Videos

Conferences & Events

Hartman Institute Summer 2017 Programs: 1917, 1947, 1967: The Legacy of The Past, & The Future of Modern Israel
The Third Annual Paradigm Project Conference 2017
Yad Vashem Summer Seminar for Educators in Jewish Day Schools
Facing Crisis: Seminar for Principals of Jewish Schools and Kindergartens
International TEC Day - Let’s Come Together: Storytelling
Prizmah Day School Conference Delivers Fresh Approach and Exciting Collaboration
Yad Vashem Summer Seminar for Educators in both Formal and Informal Jewish Supplemental Programs

Learning Resources

Teaching the Legacy #35 - e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators – Echoes: Hearing the Voices of the Survivors
February 2017
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