Jul. 01, 2014
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July 1, 2014 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
July 2014
Featured Items
MOFET International Online Summer Seminar: Collaborative Learning on the Internet
In an era in that boasts frequent and varied technological changes and developments, the MOFET International Channel's Online Academy is delighted to announce an online summer seminar on Aspects and Tools for Collaborative Learning on the Internet. The seminar will afford exposure to a range of cutting edge applications and their uses in teaching and learning on personal computers, cell phones, iPads, and the Internet. The seminar, which will be held in July 2014 & conducted in English, comprises four weekly 90-minute online meetings.
Australian Jews Can Teach American Jews about Jewish Education and Continuity
I’m writing this column from Melbourne, Australia, where last Tuesday I watched hundreds of teenagers from various Jewish youth movements—most of them not strictly observant--stay up deep into the night on Shavuot learning and arguing. They had named the rooms in which they held their study sessions after Jewish thinkers: Rosenzweig, Buber, Spinoza. Watching it all, I kept thinking: How many American Jewish eighteen year olds could identify those names, or, for that matter, identify Shavuot? What is Australia doing right that we’re doing wrong
At World Cup, Argentina Couple Kicking Jewishness into High Gear
When Argentina plays its opening-round matches in the World Cup, Mariano Schlez of Buenos Aires will be screaming his support from the stands. But taking in his home country’s matches in Brazil isn’t all that will be occupying Schlez for the first fortnight of the month long soccer spectacle. Also filling his calendar are 14 “Jewish” events that he and his wife have organized in seven of the host cities. They include Shabbat evening prayers, beach soccer games leading into Saturday night Havdalah services, pickup games and Jewish heritage tours. Their goal is to bring together international Jewish visitors already united by a passion for soccer – known throughout the world, but not in America, as football.
The B’nai Mitzvah Revolution Active Learning Network
The B’nai Mitzvah Revolution Active Learning Network brings together North American URJ congregations that are working on or interested in revolutionizing b’nai mitzvah. This network of congregations learns from experts, research, and each other in order to move to action in revolutionizing b’nai mitzvah. Meet virtually with an expert facilitator in a topic area of your choice, learn with and from colleagues, actively engage with the B’nai Mitzvah Revolution and its resources. Join today!
BJPA Reader's Guide: Immersive & Experiential Education
From Professor Lee Shulman's Introduction: 'This Readers’ Guide on Immersive & Experiential Education features a rich array of program descriptions, theoretical and conceptual analyses, policy briefs and program evaluations. Taken together, I am persuaded that we live in the most innovative and exciting era of ever experienced in Jewish education. The post - Pew eulogies for Jewish education notwithstanding, this is a Golden Age of thoughtful experimentation and ambitious invention in our field. I am encouraged by the parallels between these developments in Jewish education and exciting work in general education.'
July 2014
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
People of the Book: Over 1 Million Israelis Have Library Cards
Rethinking Jewish Identity and Jewish Education: The Podcast
Government of Israel Approves Joint Initiative with World Jewry
Australian Jews Can Teach American Jews about Jewish Education and Continuity
A New Government Initiative that Aims to Spend Hundreds of Millions of Shekels on Diaspora Jews Is a Good Start, but it Is Only a Start

Formal Education

Italian Girls Graduate With a Different Degree: An Israeli One
A Small Jewish Community with a Big Educational Impact - Quito, Ecuador
Tuning the Choir: The Multicampus School in Capetown
Shalem College's Arabic-Studies Program Gives “Immersive” New Meaning
Sharpening the Message: Recommendations for Improving the Effectiveness of Religious Education in Yeshiva High Schools

Informal Education

Camps Build Robots And Ruach
1,500 Jewish Children to Attend Jewish Agency Summer Camps Across Ukraine
Perpetuating Stereotypes: A Study of Gender, Family, and Religious Life in Jewish Children's Books
At World Cup, Argentina Couple Kicking Jewishness into High Gear
BJPA Reader's Guide: Immersive & Experiential Education

Teacher Education

Yeshiva University’s Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration Unveils New Doctoral Degree
Teacher Supply and Demand in Israel: The School Level Perspective

In-Service Training

MOFET International Online Summer Seminar: Collaborative Learning on the Internet

Education & Administration

The Covenant Foundation Names 2014 Award Recipients for Excellence in Jewish Education
HaYidion: RAVSAK's Journal of Jewish Education: Size Matters
Creating an Organizational Ecosystem
Youth Renewal Fund and Darca Form Strategic Alliance to Create “YRF Darca”
The UJA-Federation of New York Day School Challenge Fund

Israel Education

New Initiative Aims to Improve Israel Experiences, Education in Jewish Day Schools
BJPA Reader's Guide: Israel Education

Technology & Computers

Israel Education Ministry and Wikipedia Collaborate to Write Content for the Internet Site

Conferences & Events

Jewish Women's Archives Workshops for Jewish Educators

Learning Resources

Learning Together Through the Night – Limmud Launches Tikkun Leyl Shavuot E-Resource
Five Recommended Resources for Hebrew Language Instructors
The B’nai Mitzvah Revolution Active Learning Network
July 2014
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