Jul. 19, 2017
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We chose to include a selection of learning resources appropriate for the Three Weeks period when we can contemplate and work on improving our midot and social behavior as well as other resources which should be useful in planning our lessons for the upcoming school year.
In addition, there are items about early childhood education, religious education, professional development opportunities and much more. 

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July 19, 2017 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
July 2017
Featured Items
Study Finds ‘Glaring Gaps’ in Abuse Prevention
A new study, the first of its kind in the Jewish community to chart how prepared schools and camps are to prevent child sexual abuse, reveals that protections are not uniformly understood or implemented. The study — conducted by Jumpstart, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that funds and supports Jewish innovation, and being reported on here for the first time — found that only 58 percent of the 68 Jewish day schools surveyed reported having a written policy to deal with child sexual abuse.
Confronting Sinat Chinam: Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship
The rabbis of the Talmud tell us that the Temple was destroyed because of sinat chinam [baseless hatred] (Yoma 9). On Tisha B’Av, we mourn the destruction of the Temple, as well as other tragedies in Jewish history, and are also charged with ridding ourselves of sinat chinam. In schools today, though students may not necessarily say hurtful words to their peers, the anonymity and distance that the Internet provides can make it a space where sinat chinam and bullying thrive. How do we help our students understand the meaning of baseless hatred and how to prevent it? In honor of upcoming Tisha B’Av, take an opportunity to check out these resources, which you can use next year to teach students about the dangers of sinat chinam in the digital space and how they can confront cyber bullying and promote kindness and empathy online.
Teachers’ Approaches Toward Cultural Diversity Predict Diversity-Related Burnout and Self-Efficacy
We examine the ways in which, and the extent to which, DOPA (Diversity in Organizations: Perceptions and Approaches; that is, asset, problem, challenge, or nonissue) approaches predict teachers’ diversity-related burnout and immigration-related self-efficacy. One hundred thirty-six schoolteachers completed a self-report questionnaire measuring diversity-related burnout and self-efficacy, approaches toward cultural diversity, attitudes toward multiculturalism, and demographics.
The Lost Light - A New and Free Innovative Educational Film for the Three Weeks
How do we teach kids to put interpersonal relationships first? How can we take advantage of the Three Weeks to improve our own relationships? The first step in better relationships is to avoid lashon hara and to build people up instead of tearing them down. A groundbreaking Torah Live educational film, The Lost Light, is the perfect way to emphasize the importance of proper speech. The full-length film demonstrates how words can make an impact, and teaches how to avoid hearing or speaking lashon hara.
Gleanings: The Promise of Jewish Early Childhood Education
Jewish early childhood education is not only an entry point into Jewish learning for young children. Often, it also becomes a reentry point for parents: many adults disenchanted by Jewish life in their own youth (or simply lacking exposure to it) take a renewed interest in pursuing Jewish life as a family as their children are invited in through their school programs. This potential opportunity for the Jewish community is why we at the Leadership Commons are so invested in Jewish early childhood education. In this Gleanings, we explore how Jewish early childhood can ignite the fire of Jewish learning for children and their families.
Education with NLI (National Library of Israel)
Education with NLI (National Library of Israel) is a core project of Gesher L'Europa, a joint initiative of the National Library of Israel and the Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe. The National Library of Israel houses millions of cultural and traditional treasures that should be shared with educators and learners throughout the Jewish world.
July 2017
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
A Pedagogy of Humanist Moral Education: The Educational Thought of Janusz Korczak
Religious Encounters in Israeli State Education
Theocracy and Pedagogy: Public Education in a “Postsecular” Israel
The Vast and the Varied: American Jews and Jewish Life Today
Gleanings: The Promise of Jewish Early Childhood Education
Promoting Creativity and Innovation in Israel Education System - A Policy Perspective

Formal Education

Identifying Key Factors Influencing Adolescent Prayer Education in a Modern Orthodox School: Teacher, Student and Environmental Components
Israeli High School Graduates’ Knowledge of the Holocaust: A Case Study
The Effect of Integrating Movement into the Learning Environment of Kindergarten Children on their Academic Achievements

Informal Education

Modi’in School Pupils Help Find 900-Year-Old Crusader Jewelry Trove
PJ Library Family Study: How 25,000 Families Experience Jewish Life in the U.S. and Canada

Teacher Education

Teachers’ Approaches Toward Cultural Diversity Predict Diversity-Related Burnout and Self-Efficacy
JTS - Master’s Degree in Jewish Education
The Davidson School at JTS and the HUC-JIR School of Education Awarded Major Grant to Renew Jewish Early Childhood Education Leadership Program in Chicago

In-Service Training

The Pre-Application for the Wexner Field Fellowship Is Now Open

Education & Administration

The Impact of Teachers’ Perceived Behavioral Integrity of their Supervisor on Teacher Job Satisfaction in Modern Orthodox Jewish Day Schools
Study Finds ‘Glaring Gaps’ in Abuse Prevention

Israel Education

Embracing Israel’s Surge in Summer Interns
Twentieth Maccabiah Games, Known as Jewish Olympics, to Open with Record 10,000 Athletes

Technology & Computers

DJLN Educator Spotlight: Blending in Hebrew with Meirav Kravetz
Working Together to Further Jewish Education
Jednetworking at #ISTE2017

Learning Resources

jGirls Magazine - by Jewish Girls, For Jewish Girls
Look, but Don’t Touch: Moscow’s Schneerson Collection Goes Online
IWitness360 – The Power of Testimony and Virtual Reality
Education with NLI (National Library of Israel)
Sefaria in Action
Global Day of Jewish Learning 2017: Beauty & Ugliness
The Lost Light - A New and Free Innovative Educational Film for the Three Weeks
Confronting Sinat Chinam: Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship
July 2017
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