Jun. 21, 2017
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June 21, 2017 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
June 2017
Featured Items
HaYidion - Prizmah's Journal of Jewish Education: Summer Homework
The articles in this issue begin with a recognition of the difference and legitimacy of summer experiences, their necessity for the personal, social and spiritual development of children. Authors accept the notion that children need time away from school, not merely as “downtime” but as an opportunity to have experiences that will be meaningful and important to them for their entire lives. They need to swim, climb trees, play hours of soccer, spend time with friends and make new ones, to improvise, cope with disappointment and exercise some control over their lives. All of the authors acknowledge that there is value in not assigning summer homework.
Tech for Learning Initiative: Summer Institute
The Jewish Education Project is inviting teams of educators from Tri-State area middle and high schools to join us for a 3 day Summer Institute (August 14 -16, 2017). Through the Tech for Learning Initiative, supported by the Jim Joseph Foundation, school teams will work and learn together over several days in August. We will identify key challenges and opportunities that drive technology use, and the processes to implement educational technology that helps address them. We will also explore pedagogic approaches and theories behind integrating technology with learning. We’ll learn from each other and from leading experts in the field, and each team will create a plan for piloting new technology projects in their school. After completing the Summer Institute, schools will be eligible to submit applications for microgrants of up to $5,000 to help put their plans into action.
Jewish Educators Network ISTE Meetup
Join a dynamic group of Jewish educators at the International Society for Education 2017 Conference in San Antonio, Texas on June 26, 2017 between 17:30 – 19:30 as they reflect on best practices, share personal experiences, and network together about how best to integrate technology into Jewish education. The topics discussed will be participant driven with the goal of helping to foster meaningful conversations and create future collaboration.
Academic – Pedagogic Seminar for European Jewish Educators
The Herzog College in The Etzion Bloc invites Jewish teachers and school principals from all over Europe to participate in our summer seminar in Vienna on July 16-24, 2017. This seminar is the first step in implementing our broad vision creating an academic credited program for Diaspora teachers. The seminar is aimed at enriching the participants' toolbox in teaching Judaism and pedagogy. Academic credits will be awarded to seminar participants who complete course requirements. The seminar will be held at Maria – Theresia's Castle in English and French as well as in Ivrit subject to demand.
“That Was the Most Myself I’ve Ever Been” – Teens Reflecting on New Models of Summer Programming
Against this backdrop, the New York Jewish Teen Initiative was launched in 2014. This ambitious effort to create new models of summer programming for Jewish teens, and to increase the numbers participating in Jewish experiences, is a partnership between UJA Federation of New York and the Jim Joseph Foundation within the framework of the Jewish Teen Education and Engagement Funder Collaborative, which includes national and local funders from ten communities. The Jewish Education Project serves as lead operator of the Initiative, which is being evaluated by a team from Rosov Consulting. Ahead of a third summer of programming, it is appropriate to take stock of what we’ve learned so far. A full report is available here.
June 2017
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
Part-Time Jewish Education: Harnessing the Power of Social-Emotional Spiritual Learning
Teaching the Holocaust Through Film
Adapting the Jewish Spiritual Practice of Mussar to Develop Business Students’ Character
Making Decisions about Jewish Education Today and Tomorrow: Presentations at the Network for Research in Jewish Education
New Papers Released on Challenges Facing Jewish Continuity in North American

Formal Education

To Include or Not to Include—This Is the Question: Attitudes of Inclusive Teachers toward the Inclusion of Pupils with Intellectual Disabilities in Elementary Schools
Israel’s First Outdoor Preschool Incorporates Switchblades and Scorpions
From Convincing to Understanding: Developing Dispositions of Torah Study

Informal Education

Ultra-Orthodox Kids Grow a Green Thumb in ‘Mitzvah’ Gardens
Google Escape Bus Hits the Roads in Israel
HaYidion - Prizmah's Journal of Jewish Education: Summer Homework
“That Was the Most Myself I’ve Ever Been” – Teens Reflecting on New Models of Summer Programming
Thousand-strong Crowd Sees Three Overseas Winners Crowned at Annual “My Family Story” Contest at Museum of the Jewish People
Jewish Lens - Beit Hatfutsot Photo Competition

Teacher Education

The Global Citizenship Education Gap: Teacher Perceptions of the Relationship Between Global Citizenship Education and Students’ Socio-Economic Status

In-Service Training

Democracy at Risk: Holocaust and Human Behavior for Educators in Jewish Settings
Online Courses Offered by Gratz Advance’s NEXT Program – Summer 2017
Tech for Learning Initiative: Summer Institute
Ivriyon 2017 - Hebrew Immersion Program for Day School Teachers

Education & Administration

Building Capacity for Change in Congregational Education through Communities of Practice
Three Jewish Educators Making Impact and Change Receive The 2017 Covenant Award

Israel Education

‘I Wish They Had Birthright for Adults!’: The Effect of Birthright Israel on Jewish Parents’ Interest in Visiting Israel
The Challenge of Getting Teens in Touch with Israel
Training Israeli Shlichim and Day Camp Directors – Together

Technology & Computers

Parenting: From Tamagotchi to Social Media

Conferences & Events

Jewish Educators Network ISTE Meetup
Design Thinking Takes Center Stage as 100 Educators Reimagine Judaic Education in Jewish Day Schools
Academic – Pedagogic Seminar for European Jewish Educators

Learning Resources

US Holocaust Museum Releases First 2 Volumes of Encyclopedia of Nazi Camps, Ghettos
Sharing Early Insights: Lessons Learned from the Jewish Teen Education & Engagement Funder Collaborative
June 2017
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