May. 09, 2010
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May 9, 2010 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
May 2010
Featured Items
Current Trends in Jewish Teen Participation with Out-of-School Activities :A Survey and Analysis of Relevant Research
Rose Community Foundation of Denver, Colorado has released a report they commissioned to study Jewish teen participation with out of school activities. The report is a review of existing research. Among the findings: 'Jewish teens report the highest rates of any common U.S. religion of both desiring, and lacking quality adult connections with members of their faith.'
Bucking the Post B’nai Mitzvah Trend
Lisa Friedman, co-director of education at Temple Beth-El in Hillsborough, New Jersey, writes in the Torah Aura blog about their school's efforts to engage their post Bar/Bat Mitzvah age students, bringing them to continue their enrollment, continuing to grow as literate, compassionate, and committed Jews.
The Network for Research in Jewish Education - 24th Annual Conference
The Network for Research in Jewish Education (NRJE) invites its members to participate in its annual conference, to be hosted by The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and The Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, at New York University, June 6–8, 2010.
People Israel – Your Guide to Israeli Society
The Center for Information on Israeli Society, Subcultures and Lifestyles has made available an online, dynamic, multimedia guide as a gateway to user-friendly information on the main subcultures and lifestyles in present-day Israeli society. It aims to serve as an updated source of information and a pedagogical tool for individuals, businesses, and public institutions.
Yerusha - A Family-based Supplementary Education Program
Yerusha is a family-based supplementary education program in central New Jersey. Yerusha has two distinct educational programs: one for students in grades K-4, and another for students in grades 5-12. Within each program, students advance through ranks based on their accomplishments, rather than based on their age or grade level. Each program comes together for weekly two-hour gatherings from 4-6 pm on Sundays, and also for four Shabbatons throughout the year.
Build a Prayer
The BBYO, Jewish youth movement, has recently launched Build a Prayer, an online space where Jews of all backgrounds can connect on a deeply personal level with prayer and Shabbat. Open to the entire Jewish community, Build a Prayer allows users to design a service with Hebrew, English and transliterated text; select prayers based on traditional, pluralistic and custom options, add one’s own pictures, poetry or commentary; and share or print the service for use with their community.
Vital Signs: Uniting the Jewish People
This is the fifth in a series on people and places fostering commitment to Judaism and the Jewish people in the United States and elsewhere by Professor Jack Wertheimer of the Jewish Theological Seminary. In it he tells about the Nahum Goldmann Fellowship program, a unique experiment in global Jewish conversation.
May 2010
All Recent Items
Jewish Education - Trends
Idea #17 - Create a UK Centre for Jewish Education

Formal Education

Yerusha - A Family-based Supplementary Education Program
Bucking the Post B’nai Mitzvah Trend
Torah High

Informal Education

With Seed Help, Niche Camps Hope to Draw More Young Jews
Current Trends in Jewish Teen Participation with Out-of-School Activities :A Survey and Analysis of Relevant Research
Limmud in the Context of Informal Jewish Education
Expanding Jewish Education in Challenging Times: Let All Who Are Hungry Come and Eat
The Curriculum Initiative – Supporting Jewish Culture and Identity at Independent High Schools
Making Jewish Meaning with Hillel Senior Jewish Educators

Adult Education

Vital Signs: Adult Education, Chabad-Style

Teacher Education

Chotam – Teach for Israel

In-Service Training

Teaching Hebrew in Public High School: A Day of Learning and Sharing
In Israel, a Youth Village That Leads by Example

Israel Education

YBA High School in Israel Program for Overseas Students
Jewish Partnership Online – Jewish Identity
People Israel – Your Guide to Israeli Society
Birthright Bringing 21,000 to Israel
In Lieu of Policy, Throwing Money at the Problem

Technology & Computers

Israeli High Schools Introduce 'Google Earth' Exams
Build a Prayer

Conferences & Events

Online Education and Online Charter Schools Within Your Day School
Vital Signs: Uniting the Jewish People
The Network for Research in Jewish Education - 24th Annual Conference
Areyvut Summer Internships
Seventh International Conference on Holocaust Education
The 2010 PEJE Assembly for Advancing the Jewish Day School Field

Learning Resources

Jewish Women on the Map
See You On Shabbos
Prism: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Holocaust Educators
May 2010
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