Nov. 25, 2015
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MOFET International will be holding an online seminar on the topic of "Teaching Hebrew as an Additional Language" between February 1-11, 2016. The seminar will consist of four online sessions (two per week) dealing with standardization of the language, curriculum planning, and the integration of technological tools, media, art-based methods, and games into Hebrew teaching. Join us and invite your friends! 

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November 25, 2015 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
November 2015
Featured Items
MOFET International Online Winter Seminar: Teaching Hebrew as an Additional Language
As a follow-up to last year's online conference on teaching Hebrew, MOFET Institute's International Channel is delighted to offer an online seminar, Teaching Hebrew as an Additional Language, between February 1-11, 2016. This professional development seminar will expose its participants to a range of crucial issues in the field and afford them an opportunity to experiment with various methods and tools for teaching Hebrew as an additional language.
TorahLive Brings Chanukah & Faith to Life for Your Students
Of the many lessons of the Chanukah story, the importance of faith, is one of the most significant for students today. One way to teach this theme is with multimedia presentations provided by TorahLive. TorahLive provides teachers with high quality video productions, which excite and motivate students of all denominations and all ages. The films communicate Jewish values in a non-preachy, well organized, and energetic manner and speak in the language of today’s youth.
Network for Research in Jewish Education 2016 Conference – Call for Proposals
The Network for Research in Jewish Education (NRJE) and the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry (ASSJ) are sponsoring a Joint Conference on Jewish Education. It will be held at Towson University in Baltimore on June 14-16, 2016. The conference will feature papers and discussions across the full range of issues in Jewish education, but will also include a significant component on the social scientific study of Jewish education. The program will encompass the academic study of Jewish education, including matters of particular interest to scholars, practitioners, policy makers and philanthropists.
#JewishPurpose: An Open Invitation to Participate
Since the release of the Pew study in 2013, there has been much hand-wringing in the Jewish community, with some calling this, again, a time of crisis. There is fear of increasing rates of assimilation and growing disaffiliation from traditional institutions. This was especially apparent in the recent statement, Strategic Directions for Jewish Life: A Call to Action, signed by many respected colleagues. We do not accept this doom and gloom picture of a dying Jewish community, and we think the analysis and recommendations in the document are too limited. As leaders of Jewish social justice initiatives, we see instead an incredibly exciting moment in Jewish life, in which Jews of all generations are experimenting with new modes of practice, diving into learning, creating new Jewish cultural expressions, and drawing on Jewish wisdom and our Jewish traditions to inspire engagement with the world. Rather than mourning the changes in modes of affiliation, we should celebrate this moment and determine how the many different parts of our community might respond expansively and creatively. We want more new voices at the table and more ideas for next steps to be shared.
‘I Finally Felt Like I Had Power’: Student Agency and Voice in an Online and Classroom-Based Role-Play Simulation
This article presents an educational action research study examining how one online, classroom-based role-play simulation offers middle school students the opportunity to strengthen their agency and voice. The Jewish Court of All Time (JCAT) is a web-mediated simulation designed for middle school classrooms where students take on roles of various characters throughout the world, history and literature to address an imaginary court case. JCAT is meant to develop students’ skills in writing, critical thinking, perspective-taking, historical empathy and communication, as well as subject literacy in social, historical and cultural contexts. Our research question focuses on how JCAT further encourages and supports the middle school students’ agency and voice. activities.
Chanukah Educational Resources
Jacob Richman published a rich updated listing of Chanukah educational and fun sites to help schools, youth groups and families learn about and enjoy the Chanukah Festival, including hundreds of websites, videos, trivia, clipart and more.
November 2015
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
Millennial Children of Intermarriage: Touchpoints and Trajectories of Jewish Engagement
#JewishPurpose: An Open Invitation to Participate
Is the Jewish Community in America Actually in Crisis?
Call for Papers for Upcoming Themed Issue: Special Needs and Inclusion in Jewish Education

Formal Education

How Schools Enact Their Jewish Missions: 20 Case Studies of Jewish Day Schools
Inclusive Education : A Case of Beliefs Competing for Implementation
Peace Education in Israel: An Educational Goal in The Test of Reality
'The Multi-Faceted Kindergarten Teachers' — A Multicultural Perception of Kindergarten Teachers' Role in Light of the 'New Horizon' Reform

Informal Education

Essential Lessons for Educating Jewish Teens
Chabad Now Operates in Record 86 Countries
‘I Finally Felt Like I Had Power’: Student Agency and Voice in an Online and Classroom-Based Role-Play Simulation

Teacher Education

Sephardic Studies Program of the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies

In-Service Training

MOFET International Online Winter Seminar: Teaching Hebrew as an Additional Language

Education & Administration

HaYidion: RAVSAK's Journal of Jewish Education: Taking Measure
Fair Compensation for Educators of Jewish Children
Five Emerging Jewish Educators Receive 2015 Pomegranate Prize for Exceptionalism and Promise

Israel Education

The Israel Literacy Measurement Project: 2015 Report
Looking Under the Hood: What Happens When We Send 8th Graders to Israel?
Visiting Israel, Interfaith Couples Find Jewish Roots
Teach Kids about Israel with the New EDUCATORS21c

Technology & Computers

Hack Jewish Education with Behrman House

Conferences & Events

Applications Now Open for 2016 Great Jewish Books Summer Program
From Altnueland to Tel Aviv 2015: Vision, Reality, Tomorrow
Network for Research in Jewish Education 2016 Conference – Call for Proposals
Register for Hidden Sparks Without Walls Webinars 2015-16
Announcing The Global Day of Jewish Learning’s 24×24 – Luminaries of Jewish Learning LIVE from Around the Globe
Limmud Learning in Lviv
2016 Steiner Summer Yiddish Program

Learning Resources

Introducing Ask DJLN - Your EdTech Help Desk!
TorahLive Brings Chanukah & Faith to Life for Your Students
Chanukah Educational Resources
November 2015
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