Nov. 26, 2014
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November 26, 2014 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
November 2014
Featured Items
The Third Global School Twinning Network Conference held at MOFET Institute
Hundreds of teachers, supervisors and educational technology directors converged on the MOFET Institute in Tel Aviv on November 11, 2014 to participate in the third Global School Twinning Network Conference. They were joined by tens of Jewish educators from around the world who participated in the conference virtually via online broadcast from the Israel Ministry of Educations website.
Boundary Crossers: Adult Jewish Learning Summit Explores Collaboration
In a spirit of exploring opportunities for collaboration and learning, nineteen providers of adult Jewish learning gathered recently in Newton, MA. Co-sponsored by Hebrew College and the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, the Summit for Leaders in Adult Jewish Learning opened a long-overdue conversation about how to advance the place of adult learning in today’s Jewish communal landscape. Forty leaders crossed the boundaries of their own silos to consider common challenges, learn from respected faculty, and discuss the role of adult learning in building our Jewish future. Veteran organizations represented by Drisha Institute, Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, Hebrew College’s School of Adult Learning, Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, and the Wexner Heritage Program were joined by representatives of newer initiatives like Ayeka, Chai Mitzvah, Global Day of Learning, Kevah and Mechon Hadar. Our dialogue was enriched and cross-pollinated by a diversity of perspectives and multiplicity of goals, from engaging first-time learners to empowering adults to find relevance in deep and substantive text study.
Teachers as Learners and Practitioners: Shifting Teaching Practice through Havruta Pedagogy
This study presents the cases of two teachers in a Jewish supplementary school whose experiences as learners in a year-long professional development (PD) program shaped their teaching practice. The PD program, based in a theory of havruta text learning, immersed the faculty in the very pedagogy they were being encouraged to use in their teaching and gave them tools to enact it to meet their classroom learning goals
Birthright for Honeymooners: New Program Seeks to Bring Jewish Newlyweds to Israel on Heavily Discounted Trips
Inspired by Taglit-Birthright’s free trips to Israel for college students, a brand new program will bring Jewish newlyweds from North America on heavily subsidized honeymoons to the Holy Land. The program, Honeymoon Israel, has just obtained initial funding to finance two pilot trips this spring, each of which will bring 20 couples on nine-day tours of the country. The first trip will target couples from Los Angeles and Phoenix, and the second one, couples from Los Angeles and Atlanta.
Applications Open for Szarvas Fellowships 2015
The Szarvas Fellowships program is accepting applications for summer 2015. The fellowships offer students completing 10th and 11th grades an opportunity to attend the largest international Jewish camp in Szarvas, Hungary with a pluralistic group of teens from across the United States and Canada. This program will explore issues of Jewish identity, Pluralism, Jewish peoplehood and more. Camp Szarvas has campers from 20-25 countries around the world.
November 2014
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
Jewish life in Ukraine: Achievements, Challenges and Priorities from the Collapse of Communism to 2013
Kohelet Foundation Launches New School – Yeshiva Lab School
The Pew Survey Reanalyzed: More Bad News, but a Glimmer of Hope
Cosmopolitanism versus Nationalism in Israeli Education

Formal Education

Why Do British Parents Affiliated to Progressive Synagogues Choose to Send Their Children to Orthodox Jewish Primary Schools?
Environmental Literacy Components and Their Promotion by Institutions of Higher Education: An Israeli Case Study
Q&A with the Founder of the New Jewish Day School for Kids with Learning Disabilities
New Census of US Jewish Day Schools Released
More Dire Signs of Liberal Jewry's Demise: Writing on the Wall at Non-Orthodox Jewish Day Schools
Israel Education Ministry’s New Baby: ‘Jewish-Israeli Culture’
Innovative Halacha Program Piloted at ICJA

Informal Education

Applications Open for Szarvas Fellowships 2015

Adult Education

Four New Campuses Join Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus Network
The Adult Approach to Jewish Continuity
Boundary Crossers: Adult Jewish Learning Summit Explores Collaboration

Teacher Education

Teachers as Learners and Practitioners: Shifting Teaching Practice through Havruta Pedagogy

Education & Administration

Five Young Jewish Educators Receive 2014 Pomegranate Prize from The Covenant Foundation
Yeshivat Noam Goes Green; Becomes 1st Yeshiva Day School In NJ To Switch To Solar Energy
Third Year of Jewish Education Innovation Challenge Grants Announced

Israel Education

The Unintended Consequences of the Success of Birthright
Birthright for Honeymooners: New Program Seeks to Bring Jewish Newlyweds to Israel on Heavily Discounted Trips
Government of Israel and Jewish Agency Sign Memorandum of Understanding on “Initiative”

Technology & Computers

Flipperentiated Instruction

Conferences & Events

The Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel - 2015
Applications Now Open for 2015 Great Jewish Books Summer Program
The Third Global School Twinning Network Conference held at MOFET Institute

Learning Resources

Israel Antiquities Authority Website Displays Israel’s Archeological Artifacts
Mobile App Aims to Keep Things Kosher, in Israel and Abroad
Why Mechon Hadar’s New Website is a Big Deal
New Partnership Aims to Expand Schools in Experiential Jewish Genealogy Program
November 2014
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