Oct. 05, 2011
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We are delighted to send you the latest issue of The MOFET JTEC Portal resource listing as we mark the special Festivals of Tishrei – The High Holidays and Succot – The Festival of Booths. 

The current bulletin contains research findings, educational resources, conference information, etc. selected from journals and other Jewish education publications. Among the topics covered in this issue: resources for the Festivals of Tishrei, programs and conferences promoting engaging Jewish teenagers and experiential Jewish education.

We would like to invite you to register for The MOFET JTEC Online Academy for Jewish Studies a rich selection of certificate programs for educators on the didactics and pedagogy of teaching Jewish studies. The Fall semester will begin on October 30, 2011. Among the offerings are courses in teaching Hebrew language, Bible Studies, Oral Law and Talmud, Holocaust Studies, Jewish Peoplehood and Educational Technology. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your professional skills.

Wishing you a meaningful and joyful New Year,
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October 5, 2011 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
October 2011
Featured Items
Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks on The High Holidays
To help prepare for the New Year, the Rabbi Lord Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, has recorded a series of ten thought-provoking videos, each reflecting on a particular idea associated with this time in the Jewish calendar or on an individual prayer said on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. These deep messages accompany the newly published Koren Rosh Hashana Prayer Book (Machzor) with an introduction and commentaries by Chief Rabbi Sacks.
IsraelKids – Your Local Israel Family Resource
IsraelKids is a brand new site for all you need to know in family fun, activities, and resources in Israel! We have hundreds of listings for local services, resources, activities, tiyulim, creative ideas with food and crafts, and lots more.
Say Shana Tova
The Israel Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs has launched an initiative for the Jewish New Year. The 'Say Shana Tova' website will allow Jews from around the world to design digital greeting cards with New Year's greetings and send them to Jews around the world. All those who send cards will receive greetings from other Jews around the world. The greetings can be sent in Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Spanish, German or Italian and will be delivered to the recipient via email, translated into his own language.
Stop Blaming Hebrew School
Nina Badzin blogs about adult Jew's responsibility for their Jewish literacy especially around the Jewish High Holidays, when they show up at a synagogue for the first time since Yom Kippur of the previous year and make self-deprecating jokes about their lack of Jewish literacy.
Jewish Food For Thought:The Animated Series
Jewish Food For Thought is a contemporary, fresh, and accessible approach to the timeless themes of Forgiveness and Repentance for the high holidays. Jewish Food For Thought:The Animated Series is a collection of thought provoking and entertaining animated shorts, written and animated by Hanan Harchol, that incorporate Jewish teachings into meaningful and funny conversations between Hanan and his father, an Israeli nuclear physicist.
Jewish Educational Leadership. Summer, 2011 - Arts in Jewish Education
The Summer, 2011 issue of the Lookstein Center's Jewish Educational Leadership is dedicated to the arts in Jewish education. It addresses questions such as: What is Jewish art? What should be the focus of arts education in a school in general, and in a Jewish school in particular? What is the role of 'beauty' in developing meaningful, authentic Jewish practice or community? In what ways does art impact on individual development and learning? Should arts education focus on personal expression or appreciation of classic art? Should the arts be integrated into regular coursework or treated as its own discipline?
October 2011
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
Jewish Educational Leadership. Summer, 2011 - Arts in Jewish Education
New Reports Highlight Need for Reform of Hungarian Jewish Infrastructure and Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland
Measuring Jews in Motion

Formal Education

Pedagogic Hermeneutic Orientations in the Teaching of Jewish Texts

Informal Education

Foundation for Jewish Camp - Executive Leadership Institute
Finding the Joys of Jewish Community at Camp Ramah
Developing Musically, Spiritually, and Jewishly All at One Time: Jewish Choral Activity as Adult Jewish Education
The Ptil Tekhelet Marine Tour
Priority Number One: The Campaign for Youth Engagement – Reform Judaism
Foundation for Jewish Camp Surveys the Future
Ultimate Frisbee and the Next Generation of Jewish Men

Adult Education

Limmud Brings Unique Leadership Training Opportunity to Activists Across the USA
Stop Blaming Hebrew School

Teacher Education

100 Years of Innovation: How We Can Support Teachers to Make Change Last

Education & Administration

Orthodox Union’s North American Day School Affordability Challenge Grant

Israel Education

Values in Tension: Israel Education at a U.S. Jewish Day School
Project InCiTE Findings
Masa Alumni Channeled to Jewish Activism
IsraelKids – Your Local Israel Family Resource

Technology & Computers

High-Tech Helps to Make Talmud More Navigable in Philly

Conferences & Events

Tefilla For Gilad - Online World Prayer Gathering
edJEWcon - Schechter Network Schools 21st Century Conference
European Jewry’s ‘Summer Of Change’
NCSY’s Groundbreaking YouthCon Unites Leaders in Informal Jewish Education

Learning Resources

Free Primary Jewish Sources and Resources on the Internet
Say Shana Tova
Dah Bear, an Online Hebrew Language Tool
Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks on The High Holidays
My Family Story: Project and Competition
Jewish Food For Thought:The Animated Series
October 2011
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