Apr. 26, 2017
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We are fortunate in hosting an article by Tikvah Wiener, Co-Founder and Director of I.D.E.A. Schools Network and Chief Academic Officer at Magen David Yeshivah HS in which she shares with us her vision of The Idea School, which will open in the 2018-19 school year in Bergen County, NJ. 

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April 26, 2017 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
April 2017
Featured Items
An End for Education: Launching The Idea School
Now Rabbi Bitton and I are launching The Idea School, which will open in the 2018-19 school year in Bergen County, NJ. As a modern Orthodox, co-ed high school, our mission will be to provide students with the abilities to nurture a relationship with Hashem, live a rich halakhic life, and engage with the world in an ethically and morally responsible manner. It will also be to help students see learning as a joyful, lifelong process.
Developing and Transmitting Religious Identity: Curriculum and Pedagogy in Modern Orthodox Jewish Schools
This paper argues that American modern Orthodoxy is facing a crisis caused at least in part by problems of student identity formation. A range of ethnographic research conducted over the last decade suggests that modern Orthodox students feel increasingly disengaged from religious studies classes—and that this disconnection is a factor in the movement’s decline. I argue that student disengagement may be a result of these schools’ inability to accommodate students’ own epistemological commitments to religious pluralism and autonomy, as well as the mainly secular American concerns central to their developing personal identities.
White Fire: The Power of Jewish Learning through the Arts
This notion of multiplicity of meaning is the core inspiration of the Jewish Artists’ Laboratory of the Midwest. The lab is a network of professional Jewish artists in six cities in the Midwest – Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago, and Cleveland – now in its sixth year. In each city, a group meets twice monthly to study a theme related to Jewish life, and to create works of art for an annual exhibit/showcase based on their study. The artists include painters, printmakers, sculptors, fabric artists, musicians, poets, playwrights, choreographers, mixed media artists, photographers, and more.
HaYidion - Prizmah's Journal of Jewish Education: Jewish Inspiration
We thought it worthwhile to devote an issue of HaYidion to understand the concept of inspiration, to address it from multiple perspectives and to articulate some of the questions and challenges surrounding it. What is inspiration? Can it be transmitted, and if so, how? What methods best align with the goal of inspiring students? Where do day schools succeed, and where do they struggle? How do teachers, curricula, school activities accomplish it?
Israeli Startup Cnature Captures Spring Flowers in App
The Jewish holiday of Passover is a time when the fields are still damp with rain and dotted with a myriad of multicolored flowers. It is also a time when families pack huge picnic baskets and portable barbecues and go out on trips to bask in the warm, not yet hot, weather. That is why the Israeli startup Cnature, has developed a Facebook bot — FlowerzBot — to help users identify the kind of flower they see in the field, in real time, by uploading a picture of it and getting back information on its name and qualities.
Gleanings: A Dialogue on Jewish Education
What do we hope to achieve from Jewish education? If we no longer view the ultimate goal of Jewish education as reducing intermarriage, then what are our desired outcomes? How does the dialogue about goals and outcomes play out in our multiple Jewish educational settings and in the relationship with the philanthropists who support Jewish education? In this issue of Gleanings, the ejournal of the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of The Jewish Theological Seminary, we seek answers to these important questions.
April 2017
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
An End for Education: Launching The Idea School
HaYidion - Prizmah's Journal of Jewish Education: Jewish Inspiration
Creating a Pedagogical Vision for Tanakh Education
Can Playing with Junk Lead to Creativity and Innovation?
Gleanings: A Dialogue on Jewish Education

Formal Education

Hebrew for What?: Hebrew at the Heart of Jewish Day Schools
Toward Full Hebrew Proficiency
Developing and Transmitting Religious Identity: Curriculum and Pedagogy in Modern Orthodox Jewish Schools
The “Draw-A-Religious Jew” Test and Students’ Religious Identities

Informal Education

Auschwitz As Seen Through the ‘Lens of Faith’

Adult Education

Adult Education: A New Frontier in the Jewish Day School Movement?
White Fire: The Power of Jewish Learning through the Arts

Teacher Education

Scaffolding to Promote Critical Thinking and Learner Autonomy Among Pre-Service Education Students

In-Service Training

YOU Lead – Prizmah's Leadership Development Program

Education & Administration

TanenbaumCHAT and UJA Federation Announce the Largest Tuition Cut in the History of Jewish Education
The Voucher Model: Jumpstarting Teen Engagement
Jerusalem Unity Prize going to Limmud
Introducing Smart Money: Recommendations for an Educational Technology and Digital Engagement Investment Strategy
Will My Child Get a Place? An Assessment of Supply and Demand of Jewish Secondary School Places in London and Surrounding Areas
Jim Joseph Foundation Announces First-Ever Request for Proposals

Israel Education

To Honor Slain Sons, Families Send 1000s of Purim Gifts to Diaspora
Onward Israel Trip Program to Expand Offerings for American Jewish Youth

Technology & Computers

Is Blended Learning a 21st c. Silver Bullet or Snake Oil? (Spoilers: It’s Neither.)
New Schools, New Directions: Approaches to Online/Blended Learning
How Google Translate is Making Learning English Fun in Israel
Matriculation Without Exams

Conferences & Events

The Jewish of Jewish Day Schools at the Prizmah Conference
CIE/ISMI 2017 Educator Workshop on Modern Israel

Learning Resources

Repair the World Supplements Wise, Wicked, Simple, Quiet Sons at This Year’s Seder
Israeli Startup Cnature Captures Spring Flowers in App
April 2017
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