Aug. 06, 2009
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This listing has been prepared as The MOFET Institute was in the process of moving to its new building on The Levinsky College of Education's north Tel Aviv campus. See the featured item on our new home in the JTEC Portal. 

Registration is on in full swing for MOFET JTEC's Online Academy for Jewish Studies. 

Courses in four programs will open in October 2009: 
* Didactics of teaching Hebrew as a foreign language (4 courses); 
* Didactics of teaching the Holocaust (2 courses); 
* Didactics of teaching the Oral Law (1 course); 
* Didactics of teaching the Jewish festivals (1 course). 

See the Online Academy website for more information and registration.

Please feel free to use the response system at the end of each item in the portal; we welcome your comments and insights.

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August 6, 2009 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
August 2009
Featured Items
Introduction to Yiddish – Online Course
The National Yiddish Book Center is offering an online Yiddish language course this fall through the University of Massachusetts' award-winning online education program. The course is for students who wish to explore the language and culture of Ashkenazic Jewry. There are no prerequisites, and no knowledge of any Jewish language or the Jewish alphabet is expected. Over the course of the semester, students will learn to read, write, and converse in Yiddish and will be introduced to a number of Yiddish songs, poems, and folktales.
Making Connections: The Los Angeles Bureau of Jewish Education's Concierge for Jewish Education Program
A working paper from JESNA's Lippman Kanfer Institute and The Berman Center for Research and Evaluation that presents a detailed portrait of one of the country's most innovative educational initiatives, the Los Angeles Bureau of Jewish Education's Concierge for Jewish Education program. The program is presented as an ambitious example of a range of activities that central agencies are undertaking to link educational silos in their communities.
Survey of the Governance Practices of Jewish Day Schools
A first-of-its-kind national study, conducted by the Institute for University-School Partnership at Yeshiva University, surveyed the presidents of Jewish day schools and found that a key to more affordable schools rests with improving board functioning in two critical areas: financial planning and fundraising.
My Family Story International Competition
For over 14 years, Beth Hatefutsoth has been engaging tens of thousands of students from all over the world in Jewish heritage through the annual 'My Family Story International Competition'. In this competition, middle school students research and present their family stories and thereby explore their collective Jewish history. In the 2009 competition, more than 20,000 students from different countries around the world participated presenting projects in their own languages.
The MOFET Institute Comes Home
After 25 years of operating without a home of its own, The MOFET Institute is now inaugurating its own new building. The new building has been erected in northern Tel Aviv on the campus of The Levinsky College of Education, which had, in the past, hosted the Institute on its premises for 21 years.
August 2009
All Recent Items
Jewish Education - Trends
Study: 83% of Israeli Students Want More Lessons on Holocaust
Italian Jews Training to Work in Jewish Media
Survey Points to 'Lost Generation' of Israeli Jews
Reclaiming the Ancient Synagogues of Izmir

Formal Education

Reinvigorating Hebrew Schools: A New Approach

Informal Education

New Jewish Filmmaking Project
No Longer in Exile: Overhaul of Diaspora Museum Reflects a New Zionist Narrative
The Philosophy of Informal Jewish Education

Adult Education

Introduction to Yiddish – Online Course

Teacher Education

In the Classroom Shark Pool
Stern Colleges Announces Recipients of First Jewish Educators Scholarship from Legacy Heritage Fund
The MOFET Institute Comes Home

In-Service Training

300 Schools to Become Holocaust Specialists
Two Innovative Programs for Jewish Educators

Education & Administration

Investing in FSU Jewish Youth
The Unfolding Economic Crisis: Its Devastating Implications for American Jewry
Survey of the Governance Practices of Jewish Day Schools
Making Connections: The Los Angeles Bureau of Jewish Education's Concierge for Jewish Education Program

Israel Education

It's Not Just About Sports at the International Jewish Olympics
Havaya International
Omanoot - Israel Through Art
Israel’s Top 25 Bloggers

Technology & Computers

Internet Safety Initiative Launched at Melbourne Jewish School
Jewish and Israeli Facebook Groups / Fan Pages

Conferences & Events

Music In Jewish Education at Gratz College, Philadelphia
Thousands to Study Bible in Gush Etzion
Young Eastern Europeans Flock to Tel Aviv's 'Yiddish Summer Camp'

Learning Resources

Veggies' Kashrut May Be Revoked for Over-Spraying
Only in America - Hall of Fame Online Polling Website
My Family Story International Competition
August 2009
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