Dec. 14, 2009
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December 14, 2009 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
December 2009
Featured Items
Hidden Jews in Poland to Get Chanukah Guide
A Polish-language guide to Chanukah will be distributed to hidden Jews in Poland. Shavei Israel, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to strengthen ties between the State of Israel and descendants of Jews around the world, will distribute the free books this week through its emissaries in Poland. Hidden Jews in Poland lost all contact with Judaism due to the extreme anti-Semitism they encountered after the Holocaust; some even converted. Others concealed their Jewishness from the Communist authorities and now feel free to resume their true identity.
The Impact of Day School: A Comparative Analysis of Jewish College Students
This is the first national study designed to explore the near-term effects of day schools on the academic, social, and Jewish trajectories of former students during their college years. Conducted during the winter of 2006-07, this research drew over 3,300 Jewish respondents from college and university campuses in the top quartile of ranked schools in the United States. Employing both quantitative and qualitative methods, this study contextualizes the experiences of students from day schools through comparison with Jewish undergraduates from private and public school backgrounds.
TALI Visual Midrash Web Site
The TALI Education Fund has announced the launching of itsnewest Web site - Visual Midrash - a collection of Fine and Folk Art onBiblical themes. The site was created by Dr. Jo Milgrom and Dr. JoelDuman and is based on Dr. Milgrom's archive of art images collected overa lifetime of teaching and pioneering the field of art as Biblicalcommentary.
Jewish Communities Around the World at the Gottlieb Day School
Silvia Tolisano, 21st Century Learning Specialist at Martin J. Gottlieb Day School in Jacksonville, FL, recently wrote in her blog about an authentic learning project being done by the school's 6th graders. They are preparing a Jewish History Fair on Jewish Communities around the World. In addition to doing research on the communities in print and digital resources, the students will interview members of Jewish communities around the globe via email, Skype, Twitter, FaceBook, texting, etc. The students will then produce their final products using a variety of media to be displayed at their History Fair.
Shorshei Yisrael - Roots of Israel
ORT’s Israeli Roots Project was launched in 2000 and has since grown to encompass 30 high and junior high campuses throughout Israel. With a total of 25,000 participating students, it is the network’s largest stand-alone educational program. The project aims to unite students with their Jewish heritage and culture in a user-friendly and pluralistic approach, and to strengthen their Jewish identity and familiarity with the literary and cultural treasures of the Jewish people, evolved over the past 3,000 years.
Jewish European Learning Experience Dot Net (JELED)
JELED stands for child in Hebrew and at the same time for Jewish European Learning Experience Dot net. The JELED.Net website was initiated by the Jewish umbrella organizations of The Netherlands, Switzerland and Finland and aims to meet the needs of these communities for curricular materials, ideas and opportunities of interaction in their national languages.
December 2009
All Recent Items
Jewish Education - Trends
Shorshei Yisrael - Roots of Israel
The Birth of NewCAJE
Theological and Pedagogical Implications of the Role of Zionism in Reform Jewish Manifestos: A Bridge from Vision to Praxis

Formal Education

Exploring Day School Pathways: Reanalysis of Day School Alumni Data – Executive Summary
The Impact of Day School: A Comparative Analysis of Jewish College Students
The Internalization of Jewish Values by Children Attending Orthodox Jewish Schools, and its Relationship to Autonomy-Supportive Parenting and Adjustment

Informal Education

The Russians Are Camping!

Adult Education

The Social Sermon: An Innovative Approach to Community Building, Engagement and Torah Study
The Little Train that Could... Teach
Knesset Members to Get Bible Lessons
Hidden Jews in Poland to Get Chanukah Guide

Teacher Education

Teacher’s Licensing Board to Expire
The Certificate in Jewish Informal Education, Youth Leadership and Camping
Doctorate of Education in Jewish Education Program

In-Service Training

The Pedagogy of Teaching Educational Vision: A Vision Coach's Field Notes About Leaders as Learners

Education & Administration

Anonymous Donors Give $12 Million to a Small Jewish Day School
There Is No Alternative to Day Schools

Israel Education

MASA – Go Green in Israel
Lapid - Birthright for High-Schoolers
The TAMID Israel Investment Group
Shimon Peres' YouTube Channel
Baltimore Israel Engagement Summit: Executive Summary
Ministry Bans Student Jewish Agency Trips to U.S. During School Year

Technology & Computers

Get SMART With Legacy Heritage’s SJED Resources… And More IWB Goodies
The Reform Movement Should Make the Most of this Moment
Jewish Communities Around the World at the Gottlieb Day School

Conferences & Events

The Steiner Summer Internship Program in Yiddish Studies
Second International Jewish Special Education Conference - GISHA – Call for Submissions

Learning Resources

TALI Visual Midrash Web Site
Jewish European Learning Experience Dot Net (JELED)
December 2009
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