Jan. 08, 2009
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This new issue of The MOFET JTEC Portal resource listing reflects some of the challenges facing the Jewish world today. 

The State of Israel has undertaken a military operation in the Gaza Strip in order to stop the rain of rockets and bombs on nearly a million residents of its southern region. 

The Jewish world is facing a great financial meltdown brought on by various global troubles. As a result, many Jewish educational and social institutions will have to deal with this crisis. 

A number of items in this listing describe the effects of these challenging situations on Jewish education and various strategies which are being developed to meet them. 

In addition, the current bulletin contains a selection of research findings, educational resources, conference information, etc. selected from journals and other Jewish education publications. 

Please feel free to use the response system at the end of each item; we welcome your comments and insights.

The MOFET JTEC Portal Team

January 8, 2009 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
January 2009
Featured Items
JFN: Foundations Will Provide Bridge Funding for Nonprofits Hurt by Madoff
At a meeting of 35 of the largest Jewish foundations convened in New York on December 23, 2008 by the Jewish Funders Network to discuss responses to the damage caused by the massive alleged Madoff Ponzi scheme, the foundations decided to set up a clearinghouse to allow nonprofits to share resources, publicize their needs and callout if they are in danger.
Nishmat Ethiopian Women Program (N.E.W.)
N.E.W., run by Nishmat (a world center for Jewish education for women in Jerusalem), combines Torah learning with the keys to a better future for Ethiopian-Israeli National Service and Israel Defense Forces veterans. The program includes a second chance at high school matriculation and specialized preparation for the college entrance psychometric exam, extensive mentoring, a course in managing the family budget, and workshops dealing with domestic violence, as well as an integrated environment that offsets their sense of social isolation, and special programs to develop pride in their Ethiopian Jewish heritage.
Itim - Jewish Life Information Center
ITIM provides online information (in Hebrew, English and Russian) and direction at critical moments in Jewish life such as birth, bar/bat mitzvah, marriage, divorce, death and burial, and conversion. ITIM believes that knowledge is power and that information can allow individuals to be confident as they experience critical moments of Jewish life. Founded in 2002 and based in Jerusalem, ITIM assists Israeli Jews to navigate their personal encounters with the religious (and often ultra-Orthodox) establishment in Israel. In addition, ITIM coordinates a support center whose mission is to deepen the knowledge and appreciation for the richness of Jewish lifecycle rituals, allow for a positive encounter between rank and file Jews and Jewish tradition and develop possibilities for individual expression within Jewish life.
The Teacher Training Fellowship – Yeshiva University/Institute For University-School Partnership
A new division of Yeshiva University's Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Supervision, the Institute for University-School Partnership, has launched a two‐year Teacher Training Fellowship which seeks to identify and recruit top college graduates to expose and train them in the field of Jewish Education through a two year training fellowship servicing Jewish day schools across North America.
Distance Education Resources for Learning in Emergency Situations
As a result of rocket and shell attacks from the Gaza Strip on Israel's southern region and the beginning of 'Operation Cast Lead', 300,000 students have not been able to attend school. In settlements, towns and cities within a 40 km. radius of the Gaza Strip, the Ministry of Education has not reopened schools, kindergartens and colleges since the Chanukah vacation break as a security measure. In order to keep the students in contact with their studies and teachers the Ministry of Education has provided a listing of online learning resources and activities for elementary, middle and high school students.
January 2009
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Formal Education

Tuition Incentive Seeks to Boost Enrollment
College for All – Equal Opportunity for Success
Adain Lo - Jewish Family Center

Informal Education

Limmud NY
Areyvut – Social Responsibility
eCamp Israeli Hi-tech Summer Camps 2009
Nextbook's One Book, One Congregation Program

Adult Education

Machar: A Jewish Leadership Program in Portland, Oregon

Teacher Education

The Teacher Training Fellowship – Yeshiva University/Institute For University-School Partnership

In-Service Training

Institute For University-School Partnership Continuing Education & Professional Development - Yeshiva University

Education & Administration

ORT Schools in FSU Suffer Cutbacks
Madoff Scheme Deals New Hit to FSU Jews
JFN: Foundations Will Provide Bridge Funding for Nonprofits Hurt by Madoff

Israel Education

The David Project Teacher Training Institute
Encountering the Other, Finding Oneself: The Taglit-Birthright Mifgash
In Search Of Israeliness

Technology & Computers

Jerusalem mp3 – Downloadable Tours
YouTube Taps ADL As Partner In Fight Against Hate
JGooders - Jewish-Israeli arenas of Good Doers
Distance Education Resources for Learning in Emergency Situations

Conferences & Events

Summer 2009 Campus Fellows Seminar in Boston
Changing Economy Webinars
B'Lev Echad – World Wide Online Hachnassat Sefer Torah & Siyum

Learning Resources

On the Road to Statehood
Children in the Ghetto
Compelling Content – Jewish People & Israel
Matan Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program
Itim - Jewish Life Information Center

January 2009
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