Jul. 20, 2016
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We are proud to share with you an article by Mr. Eli Kannai, Chief Educational Technology Officer of The AVI CHAI Foundation, in which he describes the evolution of the use of educational technology to where it now can help enable effective personalized learning including blended learning models as well as online learning. 

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July 20, 2016 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
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July 2016
Featured Items
Personalized Learning – Where We Are and How We Got Here
For a long time, educational technology was focused, to a large extent, on the use of computers (and later the internet) within the classroom. Educators spoke about “breaking the classroom walls” by using YouTube clips to start a classroom discussion or by letting students look up information on the internet. Teachers began to realize that they were no longer the “owners” of information, once handheld internet devices were introduced (aka smartphones) smart kids would challenge the teachers' authority by fact checking the information discussed in class. Educators then spoke of the transition from “the sage on the stage to the guide on the side” that meant moving away from the lecturing model – but what instead? How can a teacher be a “guide on the side” with so little time to teach (or “guide”)?
Backpacking with a Prayer: Tradition and Modernity
This study focuses on the phenomenon of Israeli backpacking as a function of traditional, observant, and secular population segments. We explored whether and to what degree backpacking features are related to the affinity of backpackers with the Jewish tradition and faith. Our study was based on a sample of 120 Israeli backpackers who had returned to Israel in the past five years. An analysis of the survey indicates a clear association between the length of the backpacking trip and the affinity of backpackers with the Jewish tradition and faith.
The Yeshiva Day School System — Costs and Considerations
There are many ways to view yeshiva day schools. The Orthodox community generally views them with pride, as a substantial communal achievement — and rightfully so. In less than a century, a community of largely impoverished refugees, decimated by the Holocaust, came to a foreign country and established schools that rival that country’s most elite and established schools. Almost every yeshiva day school produces graduates who attend the finest colleges and graduate schools, and their students regularly win national literary, advocacy, math and science competitions. And the sweeping success of these schools has also been religious — there are more Jewish religious studies students in America today than at any time in its history. And yet, this achievement has come at a cost, and that cost continues to be extraordinary and multifaceted. The most obvious cost is financial: it costs an extraordinary amount of money to send a child to yeshiva day school and for our community to sustain such independent schools. But there are also other, associated costs which may be less obvious than the monetary costs, but which are no less profound.
The Basis of Reading Fluency in First Grade of Hebrew Speaking Children
The present study examines the contributions of several different cognitive and literacy skills to reading fluency in Hebrew among Grade 1 students. The main objective of the study was to examine what predicts word reading fluency at two crucial points during Grade 1: mid-year, before a multi-tiered intervention, and again 12 weeks later at the end of the year, after the intervention. A total of 47 first graders in Israel were assessed on cognitive and literacy tasks before and after an implementation of intervention.
Caring Relationships in School Staff: Exploring the Link Between Compassion and Teacher Work Engagement
Compassion in the school setting traditionally defines students as the recipients. Teachers, on the other hand, have yet to be studied as such. This study examines the effects of compassion expressed by teaching colleagues and school principals on teacher school engagement and subjective well-being at work. A sample of 226 teachers from 5 different high schools in Israel filled out a questionnaire in which they rated the amount of compassion received from their school colleagues and principals, as well as their job satisfaction, organizational commitment, emotional vigor, and burnout.
Networking with Jewish Educators at #ISTE2016
The first word most people give when describing the International Society for Technology in Education or ISTE conference which took place this past week in Denver, Colorado is overwhelming. With its 15,000+ participants, presenters, and vendors running dozens of events simultaneously throughout the four days of the conference, it can be a daunting experience especially for first time attendees. However, if at the conference, there was a way to create a mini-conference, a small group within this vast stream of people that would be very advantageous.
July 2016
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
HaYidion: RAVSAK's Journal of Jewish Education: Art and Aesthetics
The Yeshiva Day School System — Costs and Considerations

Formal Education

Navigating Competing Conceptions of Civic Education: Lessons from Three Israeli Civics Classrooms
The Basis of Reading Fluency in First Grade of Hebrew Speaking Children

Informal Education

US National Chidon Ha'Tanach 2017 for Youth
Children's Participation in National Policymaking: “You're So Adorable, Adorable, Adorable! I'm Speechless; So Much Fun!”
Backpacking with a Prayer: Tradition and Modernity
Hagigah Ivrit: A Celebration of the Hebrew Language

Adult Education

Understanding Chabad’s Success with Millennials

Teacher Education

Leading a System-Wide Pedagogical Change: How a Faculty of Education Invests in Developing Communication Proficiencies?
A Model of Professional Development: Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Professional Development

In-Service Training

The Matan Institute for Early Childhood Educators – 2016-7
Announcing a Partnership with BetterLesson to Bring PersonalizedPD to More Day Schools
Echoes and Reflections Online Professional Development Course in July 2016

Education & Administration

Caring Relationships in School Staff: Exploring the Link Between Compassion and Teacher Work Engagement
HaYidion Call for Proposals: The Power of Collaboration
Three Jewish Educators, Leaders of Innovation and Impact in the Field, Receive the 2016 Covenant Award
Another Scandal: Let’s Not Miss the Point this Time Around
Equality? Inclusion? Do They Go Hand-in-hand? Policy Makers' Perceptions of Inclusion of Pupils with Special Needs – An Exploratory Study
Israeli Ministry of Education’s District Managers’ and Superintendents’ Role as Educational Leaders—Implementing the New Policy for Teachers’ Professional Development
Financial Constraints on Intensive Jewish Education: The Interactive Effects of Financial Capacity and Jewish Connections

Israel Education

Communal Approaches to Israel Education
New iFellow Graduates

Technology & Computers

YU and AVI CHAI Foundation Launch CollegeNOW for Online College Credits
Personalized Learning – Where We Are and How We Got Here
Israeli Start-Up’s New Platform Allows Teachers to Share Photos and Thoughts with Parents
Secrets of How Four Jewish Schools Are Revolutionizing Seattle Jewish Education
Networking with Jewish Educators at #ISTE2016

Conferences & Events

Inaugural Summit on Jewish Service Scheduled for September

Learning Resources

Filming the Lost Light in Efrat
July 2016
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