Jul. 06, 2009
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July 6, 2009 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
July 2009
Featured Items
‘Shalom’ and ‘Salaam’: Day Schools Embrace Arabic
A small but growing number of Jewish day schools across the United States — including Modern Orthodox, Conservative and community schools —have started to teach Arabic. The schools are offering Arabic as a curricular class or an extracurricular club in answer to a growing demand by students. Jewish students’ motivations for learning Arabic range from connecting to family roots, acquiring economic or political communications skills, or trying to understand the Arabs in order to contribute in some small way, to the peace process.
Moishe House Receives New $1.25m. Grant from Jim Joseph
Moishe House, a network of 25 homes throughout the world that serve as grassroots community centers for the young adult Jewish community ages 21-30, announced yesterday that they have received a four-year $1.25 million grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation (JJF). This funding, along with a grant from the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation (CLSFF) made in September, 2008 will be used to enhance Moishe House’s core operations, expand its reach to a total of 34 cities over the next four years, and hire a full-time Jewish educator to support house residents.
Israel Studies Centers and Chairs
A list which represents an effort by the Association for Israel Studies to identify centers, institutes, study programs and chairs that focus on the academic study of modern Israel. It includes only institutions whose primary focus is on modern Israel, rather than on Jewish or Middle Eastern studies more broadly. It also excludes institutions or organizations that focus primarily on policy advocacy or public outreach rather than scholarly research and instruction.
The Eliasaf Robinson Tel Aviv Collection and Exhibition
A rich online exhibit and digital collection of the materials about Tel Aviv, 'The First Hebrew City,' which marks its centennial in 2009. Browse or search books, photographs, posters, postcards, and other material about Tel Aviv. The digitized collection now includes over one thousand photographs and postcards, three hundred printed volumes, two hundred large format materials (posters, maps and sewer diagrams) and six linear feet of archival materials. In addition to the annotated exhibit and digitized materials, the site includes an introductory essay, searching and browsing aid and related links.
Resource Centers for Jewish Educators
The first issue of JESNA's Snapshots & Insights, a publication series designed to disseminate emergent data and understandings on various aspects of Jewish education based on research, assessment and practical experience, examines the history and current state of resource centers for Jewish educators, alternative models, and lessons learned about best practices.
July 2009
All Recent Items
Jewish Education - Trends
Yad Vashem gets $4 million for Russian Holocaust Education
Reform Rabbis to be Ordained in Berlin
Chabad House in Kazakhstan 'Navigating a Spiritual Desert'

Formal Education

‘Shalom’ and ‘Salaam’: Day Schools Embrace Arabic
The Jewish Early Childhood Education Initiative
What is Taught in Talmud Class: Is it Class or is it Talmud?

Informal Education

Moishe House Receives New $1.25m. Grant from Jim Joseph

Teacher Education

The Principals of Pluralism
PhD Program in Education and Jewish Studies – Steinhardt School, NYU
MA Programs in Education and Jewish Studies – Steinhardt School, NYU

In-Service Training

The Alliance for Continuing Rabbinic Education (ACRE) Website
World ORT Intercontinental Seminars Bridge Ancient and Modern for Jewish Studies Teachers
National Middle East Language Resource Center Seminar for College and K-12 Teachers of Hebrew

Education & Administration

Helen Bader Foundation to Create $10 million Day School Scholarship Endowment in Milwaukee

Israel Education

Green Project Brings Together US, Israeli Pupils
Israel Studies Centers and Chairs
Teaching Israel Resources Links

Technology & Computers

The Open Source Haggadah
Jewgether.org - Israeli Students Launch Jewish Hospitality Scheme

Conferences & Events

PEJE Summer Conferences
Edu-Palooza 2009
Family Education Summer Conference

Learning Resources

'Our Way' Resources for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda
Leadel – Leadership Elements
Resource Centers for Jewish Educators
The Summer 2009 Jewish Open Source Curriculum Project
The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival Interactive Website
Pioneers for a Cure – Songs to Fight Cancer
The Eliasaf Robinson Tel Aviv Collection and Exhibition
July 2009
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