Oct. 22, 2009
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October 22, 2009 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
October 2009
Featured Items
Developing Comprehensive Induction in Jewish Day Schools: Lessons from the Field
Effective school-based induction for new teachers involves much more than mentoring; it requires a comprehensive array of supports buttressed by a collaborative professional culture. Yet few schools are able to offer such a nourishing environment to their new hires. What would it take to bridge the gap between the real and the ideal? In 2005, a team of researchers and practitioners launched a three-year project with two goals: a) to help the leaders of four Jewish day schools create comprehensive systems of induction for their new teachers and b) to carefully document the process. This paper presents the theory behind their work, their strategies for effecting change and lessons learned along the way.
The Common Language of TaL AM in the FSU
With the opening of the 2009-10 school year, 5 more elementary schools around the FSU will begin to implement the TaL Am curriculum of Hebrew language and Jewish heritage, bringing to 700 the number of FSU elementary school students studying in the TaL Am program. During the 2007 and 2008 school years, the Heftziba program - a joint project of Israel’s Ministry if Education and the Jewish Agency - and the administration of the Ohr Avner Foundation, have been implementing a pilot project of the TaL Am program in ten elementary schools. The positive results of the pilot project have brought the addition of the new schools.
Learning to be Present: How Hevruta Learning Can Activate Teachers' Relationships to Self, Other and Text
This article focuses on the ways hevruta learning can contribute to teachers' capacity to be present to self, other, subject matter and the cultural context in which the learning occurred. Hevruta learning, when conceptualized for the purposes of teachers' professional development, brings to the fore both the interpretive and relational aspects of the learning process. The theoretical frameworks of philosophical hermeneutics and relational psychology infuse our design of hevruta learning as well as our analysis of teachers' unfolding awareness of presence.
In Mexico City, Insular Community Begins to Reach Out
Some 40,000 Jews are estimated to reside in Mexico City, most of them European and Syrian immigrants, and they have constructed an impressive network comprising more than a dozen schools, nearly twice as many synagogues and a huge gleaming sports center. In recent years, Mexican Jews have made a noticeable effort to reach beyond the walls and develop closer ties with their non-Jewish countrymen.
Judaica Sound Archives
The primary mission of the Judaica Sound Archives at Florida Atlantic Universities Libraries is to collect, preserve, and digitize Judaica sound recordings; to provide educational programming to highlight the contents of this rich cultural legacy; and to promote the use of this unique scholarly resource for students, scholars and the general public. The JSA maintains a website with over 7700 recordings in eight categories for the use of students, scholars and the general public. The online collection is searchable by performers, albums, track names and categories.
October 2009
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In Mexico City, Insular Community Begins to Reach Out
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Formal Education

The Common Language of TaL AM in the FSU
Active Learning in the Halakha Class
A Pragmatic Pedagogy of Bible
Making Choices: Teachers' Beliefs and Teachers' Reasons
Experience Has Ways of Boiling Over: Pursuing a Pragmatic Pedagogy of Bible

Informal Education

Yiddish-Lovers Go to Camp
Perspectives on Jewish Education: Day Camping – An Underdeveloped Jewish Educational Resource

Adult Education

Limmud FSU Engages Jews in the Russian Far East
Registration for 2010-11 at Paideia - the European Institute for Jewish Studies Opens

Teacher Education

Excellence in Teaching - Here Too, it Takes a Village
The Hebrew Language Needs of Future Conservative Rabbis: A Needs Analysis

In-Service Training

Transitioning Teachers into Active Learning
Learning to be Present: How Hevruta Learning Can Activate Teachers' Relationships to Self, Other and Text

Education & Administration

Nominations Sought for 2010 Covenant Awards
Mayor Bloomberg Launches Free Instructional Tutoring for Yeshiva Students
For Russian Oligarchs, Charity Begins At Home
Developing Comprehensive Induction in Jewish Day Schools: Lessons from the Field

Israel Education

Israel Bird Watching and Nature Photography Tour

Technology & Computers

Psookim.com - Human Bible Project
Finally, Shul Web Sites Coming Of Age
How a Facebook Event Transformed an (Environmental) Organization

Conferences & Events

Applications Now Open for Mandel Jerusalem Fellows 2010-2011
Spring Semester in Modern Jewish Culture
The Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel Announces 24th Application Season

Learning Resources

JewishWebcasting.com - Jewish & Israeli Webcast, Podcast, Radio & TV on the Web
Judaica Sound Archives
October 2009
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