Dec. 23, 2015
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December 23, 2015 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
December 2015
Featured Items
Exposing Young Children to Hebrew as a Second Language and to the Jewish Culture - A MOFET International Webinar
The number of children who are raised with two or more languages has increased worldwide. While Hebrew is the first language for many people living in Israel, it constitutes a second or a foreign language for Jews who live in the Diaspora. In this MOFET International webinar in Hebrew to be held on January 07, 2016 at 10 pm IST, Dr. Efrat Harel will focus on exposing young children to Hebrew as a second or third language, and will consist of three parts: (1) Theories of second-language acquisition among adults as compared to children will be introduced as the framework; (2) Authentic ways of teaching young children a second or a foreign language, focusing on the integration of games, will be discussed; and (3) The Hebrew language and some of the challenges that may be experienced by Hebrew teachers in the Diaspora will be examined.
BetaMidrash: My Favorite Torah App for the Android Smartphone
BetaMidrash is a free Android app using open-source online Jewish texts crowdsourced from Sefaria – an incredible platform in its own right which I plan to feature in a future post. BetaMidrash combines an attractive interface complete with Hebrew texts and translations, embedded commentaries when available, a powerful search engine, and downloaded texts so that the app continues to work even with a minimal data connection. What I did not realize when I first started using BetaMidrash after it was launched in April 2015–and quickly fell in love with it–was that this app was created by two electrical engineering students at Cooper Union.
The Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel - 2016
Every year, twenty-six outstanding North American teenagers are selected as Bronfman Fellows. The highlight of the Fellowship is a five week, all expense-paid Summer Fellowship in Israel. Fellows engage in thought provoking study and conversation and make lifelong friends. Our high-caliber educators focus on teaching a broad range of traditional and contemporary Jewish texts at a university level.
Yahad, Bringing Estonia’s Jewish Community Together
The ninth annual Jewish forum, “Yahad” (“All Together”) took place in Pärnu, Estonia on October 9-11, 2015. It was one of the most exciting community events of the year, which gathered Jewish people of all ages and from all across the country. Four hundred and seventy people have participated in Yahad 2015, among them around 70 children. This year, the traditional format of the Yahad forum was maintained with lectures, concerts, discussions, workshops and classes for children available during the course of the forum. At any given time during the forum’s program, there were numerous scheduled events taking place simultaneously, and participants were able to choose which topic is the most interesting to them.
MOFET Webinar for Mexican Teachers: The Holocaust through Art
Last week a fascinating webinar was held with Hebrew and Jewish Studies teachers from Mexico. The webinar took place in the framework of the two-year program, 'Educator for Israel', run by the Keren Hayesod in Mexico with teachers from seven Jewish schools in the capital and directed by Meir Bonitov under the academic supervision of The MOFET Institute's International Channel.
Applications Being Accepted for the Summer Institute for Israel Studies
Applications are being accepted for the Summer Institute for Israel Studies, taking place at Brandeis University June 14 - 26 and in Israel June 27-July 6, 2016. Faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences who plan to teach a course on modern Israel are eligible to apply. The Summer Institute for Israel Studies has trained 250 college and university faculty members to develop courses in Israel Studies. Recent participants teach history, international relations, film, Jewish studies, religion, law, anthropology, linguistics, and security studies. Competitive fellowships are open to faculty members in the humanities and social sciences. Applications are due January 20, 2016.
December 2015
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
New Jewish Museums in Post-Communist Europe
Yad Vashem and the State of Holocaust Education in Israeli Schools in the 1960s
Autonomy and Religious Education: Lessons from a Six-Year Evaluation of an Educational Reform in an Israeli School Network

Formal Education

Rabbinics Standards & Benchmarks Conference: Collaboration Begins
Parshanut Through Art: The High School Student as Biblical Commentator
Lessons Learned from the Study of a Jewish-Israeli High School: Critical Pedagogy in Contention
Negotiating Language Ownership: Hebrew Charter Schools and the American Jewish Press

Informal Education

Demystifying a Black Box: A Grounded Theory of How Travel Experiences Impact the Jewish Identity Development of Jewish Emerging Adults
The Guide with the Tourist Gaze: Jewish Heritage Travel to Poland
Environmental Literacy of Youth Movement Members – Is Environmentalism a Component of Their Social Activism?
Responding to the Question “Mi Anochi/Who Am I?”: Experiential Jewish Educators as Narrators
Study Assesses B’nai Mitzvah that Bypass Synagogue

Adult Education

Paideia - The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden One Year Fellowships in Jewish Studies 2016-2017

Teacher Education

Ph.D. in Educational Studies with Specialization in Jewish Educational Leadership
A Dream of a School: Student Teachers Envision Their Ideal School
MOFET Webinar for Mexican Teachers: The Holocaust through Art

In-Service Training

The Global School Twinning Program: The Journey to Peoplehood - An Online Course for Educators
Hidden Sparks Is Now Accepting Applications For its Subsidized 2016 Internal Coach Program
Exposing Young Children to Hebrew as a Second Language and to the Jewish Culture - A MOFET International Webinar

Education & Administration

Israel: Research on School Principals in Israel, Varied Topics and Limited Scope

Israel Education

Parochial or Transnational Endeavor? The Attitude to Israel of Adolescents in Australian Jewish Day Schools
Most Birthright Applicants Functionally Illiterate about Israel according to New Brandeis University Study
Applications Being Accepted for the Summer Institute for Israel Studies
Global Citizenship Education In Context: Teacher Perceptions at an International School and a Local Israeli School
Online Learning For Jewish Teens: You Bet It Works

Technology & Computers

New Blended/Online Learning Case Study: Ma’arav, A Long-Established Orthodox High School
Building the Sacred Community Online: The Dual Use of the Internet By Chabad

Conferences & Events

Yahad, Bringing Estonia’s Jewish Community Together
The Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel - 2016

Learning Resources

BetaMidrash: My Favorite Torah App for the Android Smartphone
December 2015
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