Feb. 21, 2010
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February 21, 2010 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
February 2010
Featured Items
MOFET JTEC Jewish Education Learning Opportunities
MOFET JTEC recently published a pre – Purim newsletter featuring their offerings of opportunities for Jewish educators to learn and further their professional skills in many different ways. Online real-time webinars and recordings, semesterial courses in the the Online Academy for Jewish Studies and Seminars for Community Leaders and Educators in Israe are all offered by the MOFET JTEC team.
‘No Alternative to Day Schools’: An Exchange
In their December 11 issue, the Forward published an opinion article from Rabbi Irving Greenberg titled “There Is No Alternative to Day Schools.” Lamenting what he sees as an increasing tendency in the Jewish community to look beyond day schools in favor of less expensive educational alternatives, Greenberg wrote: “I, too, wish there were a cheap, effective alternative to day schools — but there is not.” The Forward invited a diverse group of scholars and Jewish education specialists to respond to Greenberg’s essay. They are published in this special section— along with a response from Greenberg.
Foundation for Jewish Camp - Leaders Assembly 2010
The FJC Leaders Assembly 2010 will convene hundreds of professionals and lay leaders from the camping world, as well as funders and Jewish communal professionals to tackle core issues such as program excellence, lay and professional leadership, communication, recruitment, fundraising, and many other topics that will empower participants to further the success of the Jewish camp endeavor.
Judaica Europeana
Judaica Europeana is one of a series of initiatives supported by the European Commission to establish EUROPEANA, the European digital library. Judaica Europeana will identify and digitize Jewish content for Europeana with a projected contribution of several million pages and thousands of other items. Judaica Europeana will work with European cultural institutions to identify content documenting the Jewish contribution to the cities of Europe. It will digitise 10,500 photos, 1,500 postcards and 7,150 recordings as well as several million pages from books, newspapers, archives and press clippings.
Best Practices in Holocaust Education: Guidelines and Standards
In this article, Shirah Hecht reports on recent research designed to provide general information about best practices in Holocaust education, Holocaust education delivery systems, and the training of Holocaust educators. It was also intended to respond to an interest in considering alternative educational models to address the diminishing access to survivors and whose first-hand presentations have been a centerpiece of many of the educational programs.
February 2010
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Jewish Education - Trends
Jewish Education Blogroll

Formal Education

Study: Teaching Holocaust Common Denominator in Israel
The Hebrew Project Wiki
Best Practices in Holocaust Education: Guidelines and Standards
The Story of Jewish Life: Yad Vashem’s Approach to Teaching the Shoah
Stories and Sages: New Directions in Holocaust Education

Informal Education

Next Time, Let’s Teach Social Justice in an Effective Way
Jewish Farm School Gains Traction Among College Students
Digital Storytelling and Jewish Identity
Vital Signs: Torah and Service

Adult Education

Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language?

Teacher Education

Arab Students at Teachers' College Top Jewish Counterparts
MOFET JTEC Jewish Education Learning Opportunities

In-Service Training

How Can Program Evaluation Help Me? Webinar 1
Hidden Sparks Without Walls, Spring 2010
Teaching Mishnah - Problems and Creative Solutions – a Webinar

Education & Administration

Birthright Israel NEXT/Natan Grants for Social Entreprenteurs
‘No Alternative to Day Schools’: An Exchange

Israel Education

Eyes on Israel Updates
iT.O.P. - Israel Tikkun Olam Program

Technology & Computers

World ORT in NIS 47 Million Project with Israeli Government to Make Israel Smarter
Jewish Education 3.0 (JE3) - Technology and Jewish Education – A Revolution in the Making

Conferences & Events

Jewish Women's Archive Institute for Educators
PresenTense Summer Fellowships
Foundation for Jewish Camp - Leaders Assembly 2010
16th Annual Teva Seminar on Jewish Environmental Education

Learning Resources

Havurah Resources
Hebrew Now
The How to Learn Gemara Webpage Archived on Geocities.ws
Judaica Europeana
February 2010
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