Jun. 10, 2009
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June 10, 2009 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
June 2009
Featured Items
The First Torah Homeschooling Conference
The First Torah Homeschooling Conference is geared towards providing support and encouragement to those who are already homeschooling, as well as to educate parents who would like to learn if homeschooling is a viable option for their families. The conference will take place in Baltimore, MD on June 28, 2009, at the Park Heights Jewish Community Center. The conference will have two plenary sessions and parallel workshops.
Schools That Work: What We Can Learn From Good Jewish Supplementary Schools
A review conducted by ten researchers of ten 'effective' Jewish supplementary schools of various sizes and denominations, and from various regions in the US. The report draws conclusions about factors contributing to the success of good schools, noteworthy characteristics of the schools, and policy recommendations for improving supplementary schools. The study presents six “noteworthy characteristics of good schools.” Good schools (1) work on building friendships and community, (2) go beyond teaching facts to allow students to work on meaning, (3) use experiential education, (4) actualize a clear vision, (5) value themselves and their students, and (6) involve not only students but their families. Wertheimer makes it clear that it takes “a combination of traits to forge a strong school.”
Chabad Tracks the Trekkers: Jewish Education in India
In this article, the authors investigate the paradox of fundamentalists who are the ones to embrace a highly modern narrative and that it is the modernists who oppose it by portraying the educational efforts of the Chabad Movement to introduce young Israeli trekkers in Southeast Asia, from secular, Zionist backgrounds, into a religious lifestyle.
New Berlin Program Sets Historic Ordination
Two graduates of a new Berlin rabbinical program will be ordained in the first ordination of homegrown Orthodox rabbis in postwar Germany.The ceremony for the Rabbinerseminar zu Berlin will be held June 2 at the new Ohel Jacob Synagogue in Munich by the Central Council of Jews in Germany and the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation, which together founded the institute.
MOFET International Portal of Teacher Education (ITEC)
The objective of the MOFET International Portal of Teacher Education is to improve the flow of pedagogical knowledge and research on teacher education by helping researchers and teacher educators cope and keep abreast with the wealth of publications in the field. The portal's uniqueness resides in the coordinated processes of collecting, filtering, processing and distributing relevant research and non-research papers on education and teacher education within one integrative reservoir. The MOFET ITEC Portal's listings presently include over 700 items classified in 13 categories of general and teacher's education.
June 2009
All Recent Items
Jewish Education - Trends
New Berlin Program Sets Historic Ordination
Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik and Aspects of Jewish Educational Philosophy: Explorations in his Philosophical Writings

Formal Education

Schools That Work: What We Can Learn From Good Jewish Supplementary Schools
Spirituality Amid Dogma? Some Approaches to Educating for Religious Belief within a State Religious School in Israel
Online School in a Jewish Building

Informal Education

Tourists, Travelers, and Citizens: Jewish Engagement of Young Adults in Four Centers of North American Jewish Life
Chabad Tracks the Trekkers: Jewish Education in India

Adult Education

On Shavuot, Why Is That Calligraphy Singing?
Bea Zucker On-line Bible Study Program

Teacher Education

MOFET International Portal of Teacher Education (ITEC)
Lookstein Podcasts - Classroom Teaching with Mark Smilowitz
“Either a Hevruta Partner or Death”: A Critical View on the Interpersonal Dimensions of Hevruta Learning

In-Service Training

Project InCiTE – Innovating Creative Teen Engagement
Richard D. Solomon's Blog on Mentoring Jewish Students and Teachers

Education & Administration

Melbourne Schools Hold Upgrades as Economy Bites
The Values, And Value, Of Day School Education
How Bad Is The Day School Crisis?
Tuition Crisis Spurs New Community Fund
Day School Cooperation to Yield Cost Savings
Saudi Arabian Educators Visit Kansas Jewish School
Legacy Heritage Emergency Fund for Jewish Education

Israel Education

Librarians for Fairness

Technology & Computers

Smart Board Jewish Educational Database (SJED)
IDF Tells Officers: Lose the PowerPoint Presentations

Conferences & Events

The First Torah Homeschooling Conference
Women and the Holocaust: A STAJE Summer Seminar for Educators

Learning Resources

Project Open Book
On1Foot – Jewish Texts for Social Justice
Jewish Sages of Today
The Historical Jewish Press Digitization Site
June 2009
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