May. 13, 2008
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The coverage of the first listing represents recent articles and research findings about Jewish education published during 2006-2008 as well as links to online learning resources and upcoming conferences and events.

Since this is our first accumulated bibliographic list it is a bit long. Future updates will be shorter as a result of our on-going coverage.

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May 13, 2008 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
May 2008
Featured Items
Adult Jewish Learning: What Do We Know? What Do We Need to Know?
A description of the emergence of the field of adult Jewish learning and the need for research in this burgeoning aspect of contemporary Jewish life. The authors describe the context in which the upsurge of adult Jewish learning has occurred, drawing attention to the absence of systematic data collection about programs, funding structures, or long-term impacts.
CAJE 33 – Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education
From August 10-14th, 2008, 1300 Jewish educators will convene at the campus of the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT for the 33rd Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education (CAJE33). The conference participants will learn from each other and from experts in the field about new and alternative approaches to Jewish education.
Report on the Formal Education Institutions in the Small Jewish Communities in Europe as of 2006
The purpose of this study, carried out by the JADE program, is to provide an up-to-date report of the formal education institutions in the small Jewish comunities in Europe as of 2006. The study deals with: Jewish schools in Europe 2006; Jewish school student populations; Jewish subject matter teachers; Contents and syllabi of Jewish subjects; School principals
2007 Research Update
A concise review of over 30 research papers, reports and dissertations published in 2006-7 on various aspects of Jewish education in North America. - Formal Education Resource Center is an online educational resource center in 4 languages: English, French, Russian and Spanish., which serves a community of educators from over 50 countries around the world. It provides a comprehensive bank of innovative programs for schoolchildren of all ages developed by a team of expert educators from different continents.
Beit Midrash for Teachers: An Experiment in Teacher Preparation
This paper examines the Beit Midrash for Teachers , an integral part of the DeLeT (Day School Leadership Through Teaching) program at Brandeis University, as a rich learning opportunity in its own right and an important component in a coherent program of teacher education for Jewish day school teaching.
May 2008
All Recent Items
Jewish Education - Trends

2007 Research Update
Pursuing Our Mission
Across the Divide: What Might Jewish Educators Learn from Jewish Scholars?
An Emergent Research Agenda for the Field of Jewish Education
Annual Research Update - 2005
Annual Research Update - 2006
Extending the Conversation on Visions of Jewish Education: The Danger of Recipes
Jewish Education and American Jewish Education, Part 3
Ideas and Ideals of Jewish Education: Initiating a Conversation on Visions of Jewish Education
Introduction to the Hebrew Edition of Visions of Jewish Education - Medabrim Chazon (Talking Vision)
Jewish Education and American Jewish Education, Part I
Jewish Education and American Jewish Education, Part 2

Formal Education

Report on the Formal Education Institutions in the Small Jewish Communities in Europe as of 2006
Jewish Demography and Jewish Education in the UK: The Continuity Crisis and Jewish Renewal Efforts
Strengthening Research on the Pedagogy of Jewish Studies: Introduction to a Suite of Articles on Teaching Bible
Using the Contextual Orientation to Facilitate the Study of Bible with Generation X
'A Judaism That Does Not Hide': Teaching the Documentary Hypothesis in a Pluralistic Jewish High School
Introducing the Contextual Orientation to Bible: A Comparative Study
Debbie Findling and Simone Schweber, Teaching the Holocaust (Los Angeles, CA: Torah Aura Productions, 2007)
Beyond Questioning: Inquiry Strategies and Cognitive and Affective Elements of Jewish Education
Examining the Role of Gender Studies in the Teaching of Talmudic Literature
The Educators in Jewish Schools Study (EJSS)
Franz Rosenzweig and the Elementary School Teacher: A Midrashic Re-Viewing of an Experiment in Adult Education
Hava N'Halela : Tzipora Jochsberger and Her Vision for the Hebrew Arts School

Informal Education

Michael M. Lorge and Gary P. Zola, A Place of Our Own: The Rise of Reform Jewish Camping (University of Alabama Press, 2006)
Beyond More Jews Doing Jewish: Clarifying the Goals of Informal Jewish Education
The Campus Entrepreneurs Initiative

Adult Education

Authenticity, Autonomy, and Authority: Feminist Jewish Learning among Post-Soviet Women
Adult Jewish Learning: What Do We Know? What Do We Need to Know?
Paideia One Year Jewish Studies program - Education for European Jewish Leadership
Limmud FSU Becomes Self-sustaining and Spreads

Teacher Education

Professional Culture and Professional Development in Jewish Schools: Teachers' Perceptions and Experiences
Beit Midrash for Teachers: An Experiment in Teacher Preparation
Between Reason and Emotion: Intellectual and Existential Tensions in Contemporary Rabbinic Education; A Portrait of Neil Gillman
Hevruta as a Form of Cooperative Learning
Interactive Text Study: A Case of Hevruta Learning
Mapping Professional Development for Jewish Educators
Melamdim - The Russ Berrie School for Teacher Training, Shalom Hartman Institute

In-Service Training

Ivriyon - Hebrew Immersion Program for Day School Teachers

Education & Administration

The Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE) - Jewish Community Center Resource Center
The Mandel Fellows in Jewish Education (MFJE)

Israel Education

Taglit - Birthright Israel
Oznia, a Blog of Israel Things
ISRAEL21c - The Reality of Daily Life in Israel
eCamp Israel - International Technology Summer Camp
National Israel Education Center to Open

Technology & Computers

Legacy Heritage Fund SMART Board Project
Jewish Learning in the Digital Age - White Paper

Conferences & Events

The Sixth International Conference on the Holocaust and Education - Jerusalem, Israel/ Teaching the Shoah – Fighting Racism and Prejudice
CAJE 33 – Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education
Study Trip To Poland For Teachers In Jewish Schools with a Focus on Polish/Jewish Dialogue
The PresenTense Institute for Creative Zionism (PICZ)
The 2008 Network for Research in Jewish Education (NRJE) Annual Conference
Paideia Project-Incubator
Pardes Day School Novice Teachers' Curriculum Workshop

Learning Resources

The Jewish Virtual Library
The Center for Online Judaic Studies – COJS
Mishpacha: A Virtual Community for Real Jewish Parents
The Jewish Lens Curriculum
Web Yeshiva - Formal Education Resource Center - Informal Education Resource Center - educational ideas and teaching materials

May 2008
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