Oct. 14, 2012
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October 14, 2012 Jewish Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
October 2012
Featured Items
In Latin America, Jewish Communities are Booming
Diego Melamed tells of the marked growth of Latin America's Jewish communities. Nearly wherever one looks, Jewish life is growing in Latin America, which is now home to an estimated 500,000 Jews. The growth comes as the region continues to transform economically as part of a social evolution following the end of military dictatorships that ruled many countries into the 1980s.
Jewish Identity Runs Strong as Russian Speaking Teens Gather in Israel
Close to 300 Russian speaking teens from around the world gathered in Israel for a two-week summer camp organized by the Jewish Agency and the Genesis Fund. The camp, part of an ongoing effort called Project Rimon, is focused on a commitment to instill Jewish identity within the campers and use Israel as the common denominator that unites Jews of Russian origin from diverse locales around the globe.
Rothscild Foundation Education and Training Program for European Jewish Youth Leaders
The Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe is sponsoring up to 20 places for youth and student leaders to attend the next Limmud Conference in the UK and to participate in a specialized professional development program. Led by Steve Israel and Sonja Vilicic, Matara: Education and Training Program for European Jewish Youth Leaders will enhance participant’s Jewish knowledge, discuss contemporary issues in Jewish society and offer an introduction to project management, fundraising and leadership skills.
Poland’s Reviving Jewish Communities Come (Way, Way) Out
Cnaan Lipshiz writes about Poland’s first Torah Trek, an adult summer camp that marries Jewish learning with hiking. The 14 Torah Trekkers stayed for five days at the remote southern Polish Kalatowki lodge, a mountain resort so isolated that it can be reached only by four-wheel drive. They held daily shofar sessions on the trail - a tradition in Elul, the Hebrew month that precedes Rosh Hashanah.
Four Orthodox Rabbis Ordained in Cologne
Toby Axelrod writes about ceremonies held recently at the Roonstrasse Synagogue in Cologne where four Orthodox Rabbinical students, graduates of the traditional Orthodox Rabbinerseminar zu Berlin – were ordained, with Rabbi Chanoch Ehrentreu of England officiating. In all, eight graduates of the 3-year-old seminary -- the successor to Berlin's original Hildesheimer Rabbinical Seminary -- have now received their ordination, or smicha, including two in 2009 in Munich and two in 2010 in Leipzig.
October 2012
All Recent Items
Trends in Jewish Education
The Importance of Eastern Europe’s Jewish Present
Jewish Educational Leadership. Spring, 2012 - Empowering Students
Reinventing Jewish Education for the 21st Century
In Latin America, Jewish Communities are Booming

Formal Education

Hevruta Study and Student Empowerment
Empowering Students through Problem and Project Based Learning
An Ethos of Empowerment

Informal Education

The Collective Memory of a Civil War as Reflected in Edutainment and its Impact on Israeli Youth: A Critical Reading of Consensual Myths
URJ Founds New Specialty Jewish Summer Camp Dedicated to Science and Technology

Adult Education

Poland’s Reviving Jewish Communities Come (Way, Way) Out
Harvesting People and Pickles: An Inside Look at Jewish Farming

Teacher Education

Igniting Hidden Sparks: Metacognition to Empower Teachers and Learners
Havruta Inspired Pedagogy: Fostering An Ecology of Learning for Closely Studying Texts with Others
Four Orthodox Rabbis Ordained in Cologne

In-Service Training

Holocaust and Human Behavior Online Course for Educators in a Jewish Setting

Education & Administration

JTS Receives Renewed Funds to Support Discretionary Special Projects

Israel Education

Tikvah Israel Seminars for Post-High School Students
Training Birthright Trip Leaders: A Response From The Field
The Jewish Agency Expands Presence on College Campuses
Jewish Identity Runs Strong as Russian Speaking Teens Gather in Israel
Israel Heritage in Spotlight in International Photo Contest

Technology & Computers

Torah Games and the Future of Learning
Torah Technology Goes App-ropos for Diaspora Jews
The AlephBet App
Extending Jewish Education in Eastern Europe: Warsaw Teachers Learn the Art of Online Instruction …. Online!

Conferences & Events

Using Technology to Transform Teaching and Learning
Rothscild Foundation Education and Training Program for European Jewish Youth Leaders
Auschwitz Jewish Center Program for Students Abroad
Yad Vashem Advanced Seminar on Holocaust Education

Learning Resources

Project-based Learning in the Supplementary School—Yes, You CAN!
October 2012
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