MediaMidrash – Linking Videos with Compelling Curricular Content


Source: MediaMidrash 


MediaMidrash seeks to raise the quality of Jewish education by offering teachers easy access to 21st century multimedia technologies. Media Midrash is an online platform linking multimedia content to innovative curricula, providing Jewish educators the ability to bring art, animation, film and music directly into their classrooms.


The website currently contains hundreds of video-audio clips, many of them with accompanying lesson plans for use in Jewish educational frameworks. Each clip is categorized by subject, rated by site visitors and accompanied with a brief description of its content.


Among the different subjects of the video clips on MediaMidrah:

  • Holidays
  • Israel
  • Hebrew
  • TaNaKh
  • Rabbinic Texts
  • Life Events
  • Culture Beliefs/Theology
  • Jewish Practice/Halakhah
  • History
  • Jewish World Today
  • Biography
Updated: Apr. 11, 2011