Dah Bear, an Online Hebrew Language Tool

Jun. 05, 2011

Source: Dah Bear


Legacy Heritage Fund is proud to share its newest effort to integrate technology into Jewish education: Dah Bear, a Hebrew language tool http://hebrew-vocabulary-project.net/list273 which will encourage higher levels of Hebrew vocabulary mastery by students. This dynamic new educational online tool is free of charge and intended for use by teachers and students in school and also at home. Teachers may easily submit their classroom word lists to the website so that students can review the words, reinforce their understanding and then test their comprehension.


Features of the site enable students to:

  • Study Hebrew word lists
  • Review and print flash cards
  • Play interactive educational review games
  • Take a test to assess vocabulary mastery

The beta site presently presents a list of High Holidays Vocabulary Words for third grade level; however any teachers using the site can upload their own vocabulary lists for creating interactive learning activities to serve their own curriculum.

Updated: Sep. 19, 2011