Jewish Food For Thought:The Animated Series


Source: Jewish Food For Thought


Jewish Food For Thought is a contemporary, fresh, and accessible approach to the timeless themes of Forgiveness and Repentance for the high holidays. Jewish Food For Thought:The Animated Series is a collection of thought provoking and entertaining animated shorts, written and animated by Hanan Harchol, that incorporate Jewish teachings into meaningful and funny conversations between Hanan and his father, an Israeli nuclear physicist. Each episode focuses on a particular theme in Jewish teaching, such as Repentance or Forgiveness, distilling the major Jewish teachings on that theme, into accessible, contemporary, non-preachy, engaging human conversation. The series provides a fresh, new, non-pedantic way to access thousands of years of Jewish wisdom.


Every episode has an accompanying downloadable study guide, written by Rabbi Leora Kaye, that may be used to facilitate continued conversation and study after watching an episode. There will be a new episode posted approximately every three months. The two episodes presently posted deal with the meaning of Repair – Tshuva and Forgiveness. The entertaining dialogue in the animations raise serious questions and answers about how one can face these issues meaningfully. The accompanying study guides provide pedagogic guidance for using the animations as study materials as well as relevant traditional Jewish resources which inspire and give meaning to the dialogues.


The animations can be viewed with Hebrew subtitles for use with Hebrew speaking audiences.

Updated: Oct. 05, 2011