Fresh Ink for Teens: Written for-and by-Jewish Teens


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Fresh Ink for Teens (FIT) is a website whose content is written for--and by--Jewish teens from around the world. FIT covers high school, politics, Israel, sports, culture, college preparation, Judaism, family matters and more through original articles and insightful essays. Creative writing and poetry are also welcome. Originally published as a printed supplement to The New York Jewish Week, Fresh Ink began more than 15 years ago and has won awards from the American Jewish Press Association.


Among some of the recent submissions:

The Competition for College by Isabel Fattal - Turn the nightmare of college applications into a dream of an experience.

Unmasking the Costume Tradition by Shterny Isseroff - Teens should not be embarrassed to look silly on Purim.

Ten Questions For Susannah Heschel by Talia Weisberg - The noted Jewish studies professor (and daughter of Abraham Joshua Heschel) on feminism, religious studies and bias in society.

Updated: Apr. 01, 2012